Getting Gay in the DPRK?

gay pic

Allow me to indulge in a little sensationalism for a moment. A post has been made claiming to show two homosexual North Korean soldiers while they are on what appears to be duty. The photos were captured allegedly by South Koreans which were promptly displayed on national television. For what reason I have no idea.

The photos seem rather open to interpretation. Regardless this has not deterred the imperialist propaganda machine from turning out “concern” that these soldiers will be killed for being homosexual. Of course there is no such laws that homosexuals will be killed in the DPRK, there is nothing which would even give an indication that this might be true. If anything, if this is sexual conduct on duty, they would receive a reprimand for unprofessional conduct the same as though it were a male and female.

As usual the bourgeois media, particularly the South is feigning concern over the rights of sexual minorities. The South is no paragon of homosexual rights. Many of the old stigmas and backward thinking live on in the country despite efforts to change public opinion. Many people in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea still have a very Confucianist stance on the issue. This view is held more by the older generations than the younger ones. This is however a far crying from people executing being homosexual, a blatantly defamatory accusation.

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