No to Social Justice Warriors, Reactionary Liberalism

Could there be anything more useless than a Social Justice Warrior? Why should any Marxist ally with someone who is singularly unwilling to fight a revolution? SJW’s want to beg for a concession from a system that perpetuates what it is they are against. I don’t want concessions, I want the problem defeated, I want capitalism and the corresponding social relations lying dead with tank treads stamped into them.

Simply arguing and demanding “safe spaces” and having society “nerfed” is not radical, and it’s not revolutionary. I don’t want a capitalism that has safety pads all over it, I want it gone, the world needs it gone. All this pitiful crying by SJWs is just that, not fighting to change anything, only having padding added to it.

Every time someone raises their arm to strike to take real action someone cries “I’m triggered”, this space isn’t safe. Revolution isn’t safe, revolution requires warriors, not people who cry victim. This is why First World people are unrevolutionary, they have the privilege and the need to hide and cry victim when the world gets tough. What happened to the heroic guerrilla who was respected because of their ability to fight. Stalin was sentenced to Siberia five times. Each time he escaped and came back saying, “I ain’t even mad,” and go right back to work. Che Guevara laid on the ground by himself unable to move for 2 or 3 days in the middle of a war because of an asthma attack, and he still went on to be one of the greatest guerrilla fighters and commanders of all time. First World people suck and you know it.

Are these people supposed to fight revolution? They can’t even read a blog post without a warning on it. Are they going to fight and die in a civil war?

If you are not willing to leave your “safe space” to engage in combat, violence, and death, you are NOT a revolutionary. Go be a SJW, go open a tumblr account, leave revolution to those actually suffering from imperialism and get out of their way. “Safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” are a First World privilege that is inherently reactionary. They are the ability to shut out the real world around you and pretend
that all of its horrors don’t exist. These things allow you to live as free as possible without having to see the reality of the social relations we have. It’s no different than refusing to watch the news because it’s too depressing. It’s no different than refusing to talk about politics because someone might get mad or offended. That’s what makes you reactionary, AND a part of the problem, your ability to ignore the

Did I offend you? GOOD. It means I burst your little crybaby bubble and made you look at the real world, made you hear something that challenged your ideas. Suck it up. Learn to defend your beliefs and actually do it. If you think the kind of people who need those “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” have revolutionary potential, then you march your ass out there with them right now and go fight the bourgeois state. I challenge you.

The enemy won’t give you a timeout, they won’t give you “safe space”, they’re going to kill you. Fight or get out of the way and allow others who will. Accept that the First World isn’t revolutionary and aid those who are.