Legalizing Rape: The Free Market and Men’s Rights Activists

Has anyone ever noticed a similar mentality between right wing libertarians and Men’s Rights Activists? I’ve noticed this for some time yet have never really looked into it until I witnessed this abhorrent blog post which was brought to my attention via Raw Story. An anti-feminist blogger Roosh Vörek (who goes by Roosh V) has penned a post where he claims laws against rape only make “women wholly unconcerned with their own safety and the character of men they developed intimate relationships with.” His whole concern is that teaching men not to rape only encourages women to be careless with their safety endangering them by making them careless… No, I’m not kidding.

“I saw women who voluntarily numbed themselves with alcohol and other drugs in social settings before letting the direction of the night’s wind determine who they would follow into a private room,” he wrote. “I saw women who, once feeling awkward, sad, or guilty for a sexual encounter they didn’t fully remember, call upon an authority figure to resolve the problem by locking up her previous night’s lover in prison or ejecting him from school.”

“By attempting to teach men not to rape, what we have actually done is teach women not to care about being raped, not to protect themselves from easily preventable acts, and not to take responsibility for their actions.”

“I thought about this problem and am sure I have the solution: make rape legal if done on private property,” he continued. “I propose that we make the violent taking of a woman not punishable by law when done off public grounds.”

“After several months of advertising this law throughout the land, rape would be virtually eliminated on the first day it is applied,” he insisted. “Consent is now achieved when she passes underneath the room’s door frame, because she knows that that man can legally do anything he wants to her when it comes to sex.”

Vörek admitted that “[b]ad encounters are sure to occur, but these can be learning experiences for the poorly trained woman so she can better identify in the future the type of good man who will treat her like the delicate flower that she believes she is.”

This is very clearly an attempt to legalize rape, as he literally says to legalize it, although it be under certain conditions. This single fact alone shows that he has nothing but hate for women. If he didn’t he would be advocating that rape remain illegal. It sounds a lot like he just wants to rape in my opinion.

Is this not the same attitude that we see out of right wing libertarians and “anarcho”-capitalists? As long as the act takes place on private property it isn’t wrong. People are free to act on and do with their property as they please without interference from the government. I think this fits into that mentality very well. This whole concept of women gaining “learning experiences” is just another form of the-market-will-sort-it-out argument. It basically says that people can engage in all kinds of harmful and anti-social behaviour. Eventually people will learn what the person is up to and not have contact with them or choose not to exchange with them. In the meantime that person is free to put as much arsenic in the food they sell and kill as many people as possible. It’s nothing more than an claiming oppression for not being able to engage in activities harmful to other people.

It’s also another one of those examples where “anarcho”-capitalists claim regulation creates the very problem it is supposed to tackle. A claim that has nothing to back it up but a perverse sense of logic. Essentially Roosh V is just trying to apply free market extremist ideology to the realm of sexual behaviour. And like the free market application, it will lead to nothing but destruction and misery.

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