Allied Soldiers ‘raped one million Germans’: New Book

One of the most sacredly held attacks against the Soviet Union for its shouldering of the burden in WW2 is the claim that Soviet soldiers raped women en masse as they stormed towards Berlin. This claim is of course not really backed up by anything but hearsay and conjecture. I’ve spoken out on this subject in the past here. Supposedly Stalin said he was okay with rapes happening, and is presented as proof of his supposed ‘evil totalitarian’ nature. Some historical frauds even claim Stalin ordered men to rape women.

Stalin not only condemned the rapes, but he also acknowledge that rapes happen in war. The raping of women is common in every single war, there is no exception. The inhumanity of war itself breeds this kind of behaviour. WW2 Soviets were no exception. It is greatly exaggerated with the political purpose of attacking communism.

However, new information according to a new book by Miriam Gebhardt, alleges that Allies ‘raped one million Germans after the end of Second World War’. According to the book:

‘At the very least 860,000 women and girls – and also men and young boys – were raped by the occupying Allied soldiers and their helpers. It happened everywhere.’

The author says rapes were very common on all sides of the war, which I certainly believe is true given what we know of war itself. There seems according to her to be no exception here with the Western Allies. In fact the author shows how history was rewritten to cover up the rapes done by the Western Allies.

“She said the false impression grew up after the war that German women gave themselves to western soldiers because they brought with them things they desperately needed – nylons, food, cigarettes, coffee.
“‘The impression grew that there was no rape in the west but rather a kind of prostitution grew up,’ said the author.

“But in fact countless women were raped, she said, with soldiers believing they could treat the as they wanted after bearing coveted gifts.


“She said in parts of southern Germany, occupied by American troops, there were often ‘free nights’ where soldiers were encouraged to abuse women at will for up to 48 hours at a time.

“The alleged victims are ‘relieved’ their hardship is coming to light, she added.

Certainly this is another one of those moments where the bourgeoisie rewrite history in order to cover their degenerate behaviour with the propose covering up their crimes. As loud and as dishonestly and arrogantly the imperialists denounce the Soviet Union, their crimes will always come to light. They cannot keep their lies up forever, the truth about them will come out eventually.

* * *

New book alleges Allied soldiers ‘raped one million Germans after the end of Second World War’, The Daily Mail