O’Reilly Always Lies So Why Care Now?

Why these lies? O’Reilly has lied constantly about himself and more importantly about the news he presented for decades. After all he was one of the loudest media voices about ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ being in Iraq, with no evidence ever presented. He has been one of the loudest racist voices in America, speaking utter lies about how African-American’s live and what they think and believe. Why are these ‘war experience’ lies more important? He’s done so much worse over the 20 plus years of doing ‘journalism’. He has done a great deal of damage to the truth about the reality around us. Worst of all everyone knew he was lying. But yet somehow this lying about his nonexistent ‘war zone’ experience is the line he shouldn’t have crossed.

I’ve tried to think about this and determine what the reason would be, but I just can’t. Near as I can figure it must be related to his particular personality at FOX News. He’s the ‘war guy’, he’s the tough guy who goes out there and does (or rather claims to have done) the dangerous stuff, so when it comes to war commentary be sure he knows what he’s talking about. He’s the guy who doesn’t take BS from liberals and sticks it to them. I can imagine that the fabrication of his experience may have tainted this image. How is he to be held up as the local tough guy when his credentials are false? I think this is the problem.

Or perhaps there has been too many of these lies coming unravelled at once?

The fact FOX News cares more about image he projects than the untruths he speaks says volumes about the organization itself. It is nothing less than an admission that they never intended to speak the truth, only what they wanted you to think for a particular set of bourgeois interests. But then again, how is that any different than any other bourgeois journalist?