Netanyahu Wins Bid For Reelection, Promises End To Palestine

Netanyahu Wins!

“Netanyahu’s Likud Party sweeps to election victory”, was the generic headline given to every article in the west. Following a post-election narrative that changed much like that of Trotsky’s narrative on Lenin. At first it was reported to have been a close race between Netanyahu and the opposition leader’s Isaac Herzog. Only to have lead with a “landslide victory” which was at first portrayed as a close race which was won by Netanyahu. But what does this mean for the Zionist state? Here is some context on what has happen following the elections and the effects it will have.

Netanyahu Changes Course

In a move that surprised some, Benjamin Netanyahu reversed his political stance on the two state solution with the oppressed nation of Palestine. In a desperate plea the Prime Minister said, “Whoever today moves to establish a Palestinian state and withdraw from territory is giving attack territory for Islamic extremists against the State of Israel. Whoever doesn’t understand that is burying their head in the sand.” When asked if that meant he the full abolition of the Palestine State he grimly replied, “Indeed.”

Interesting isn’t it that he cannot see the irony of this statement? The abolition of Palestinian State is acceptable while abolition of Israel is not. While it’s a panic when Iran wants’ to blow Israel off the map. This desperate move most likely comes from the public feeling Netanyahu is failing them economic wise. Housing costs skyrocketing lead to widespread protest in 2011.

The Israeli Labor Party (ILP)

The Israeli Labor Party, headed by Isaac Herzog is a self described social-democrat party. Founded in January 1968, the party was founded on the ideology of social-democracy and labor zionism, also known as “socialist” zionism, which says the Jewish state should not be established through means of the international community, rather through the efforts of Jewish proletariats. The party is in direct opposition to Netanyahu’s Likud Party, a center-right party. Isaac Herzog began his political career around 2005 as the Ministry of Construction, he lead the Israeli Labor Party’s recent bid for leadership of the Zionist state.

If elected Herzog and the ILP would have continued a bid for a two-state solution with Palestine. This would had been in contradiction on Netanyahu’s new policy to completely smash Israel

What Does It Mean For Israel?

It only means the situation will get worse not just in Israel, but Palestine. Remember that the economic situation in Israel is in a horrible stage. Added with the fact Netanyahu wants to wipe Palestine off the map, means that there will an increase military spending. This will cause an even worse economic situation for Israel as they will need to move funding from housing into the military, creating more economic tension. But lets not forget that Palestine is going to be removed completely from this world.

Palestine is already an oppressed state and now that state won’t even exist in the eyes of the international community. Even more so will they be repressed due to religious tensions which will be sanctioned by the Israeli government themselves.

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