US House of Reps Motions Obama To Aid Fascist Ukraine

Yesterday the United States House of Representatives made a tremendous step for US imperialism. A bi-partisan bill was passed with 348 members of the House voting in favor of sending weapons and other aid to the fascists in Ukraine. The bill asked for President Obama to “provide Ukraine with lethal defensive weapon systems”, so the Ukraine can protect itself against the “continuing aggression of the Russian Federation.” The bill confirms media reports that the United States has been speculating to increase it’s grip in Ukraine through means of military aid.This is part of an imperialist doctrine passed in June 30, 1976

This doctrine is known as the The Arms Export Control Act, which under section 2751 stresses “The Need for International Defense Cooperation and Military Export Controls.” This in simple English means that if a countries integrity is violated the United States government will motion the president to intervene with lethal aid.

Speaker of the House John Boehner wrote the following to the president on the matter.

Dear Mr. President,

From the very beginning of the crises of Ukraine a bipartisan majority in Congress has indicated it understands the crises in Ukraine to be about more then a Russian assault on the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine. It is even more than a component of a revisionist Russian strategy to redraw international borders and impose it’s will on it’s neighbors. It is a grotesque violation of international law, a challenge to the west, and an assault on international order established at such a great coast in the wake of World War II.

On September 18, 2014, President Poroshenko addressed a Joint Meeting of the United States Congress. He made a passionate plea for the United States and other nations to put action behind their commitment to freedom, democracy, and human dignity. He thanked the congress for it’s steadfast, bipartisan support for the people in Ukraine struggling to recapture the freedom and territorial integrity of Ukraine, but he also reminded us and the world that words alone do not beat back aggression and violence. He, like so many friends and allies in Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, and the South Caucuses, remind us daily that the cost of freedom is high, and like any virtue, it is comprised by a lack of vigilance.

The congress responded to his call to action and we sent you the Ukraine Freedom Act in December. To date the administration has not utilized the authorities provided in the Ukraine Freedoms Act to provide defensive military systems to the Ukrainian government

This week, shortly after the one year anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity, Members of the Ukrainian Rada visiting Washington reiterated President Poroshenko’s long-standing plea for the assistance to the Ukrainian Military. We understand these officials discussed a list of military equipment at the Pentagon and with the National Security Staff, and we understand these long-standing requests await a political decision from you/

In the wake of a cease-fire agreement that appears to only to have consolidated Russian and separatist gains since the first Minsk agreement, and in anticipation of the near certainty that Russia and it’s separatist proxies continue their efforts to destabilize Ukraine and seize additional territory, we urge you to quickly approve additional efforts to support Ukraine’s efforts to defend (sic) it’s sovereign territory, including through the transfer of  lethal, defensive weapons systems to the Ukrainian military.

We should not wait until Russian troops and thie separatist proxies take Mariupol and Kharkiv before we act to bolster the Ukrainian ability to deter and defend against further aggression.

We understand your desire to prioritize unity of effort with Europe, and we believe our European and NATO allies should make clear that Russian aggression in the heart of Europe is unacceptable with deeds as well as words. But we urge you to lead Europe in challenging this assault on international order, lest out foreign policy be held hostage by the lowest common denominator of European consensus. In the face of Russian aggression the lack of clarity on out overall strategy thus far has done little to reassure our friends and allies in the region who, understandably, feel vulnerable. This Needs To Change.

The Congress has already, with overwhelming bipartisan support, provided you with the authorities, and political support to provide assistance, including lethal, to the government and people of Ukraine. We urge you in the strongest possible terms to use those authorities and resources to meet the specific and direct requests the government of Ukraine has made of your Administration

But the the bill not only proposes lethal aid, but also to spread the bourgeois propaganda. This is shown with the following sections from the motion.

“expanding access to independent media and assisting with the protection of journalists and civil society activists.”

This is then followed up by the actions  to spread the message of the west

“(Sec. 103) Directs Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), Incorporated, and the Voice of America (VOA) service to Ukraine and neighboring regions to: (1) provide accurate and accessible news and information; (2) emphasize investigative and analytical journalism to highlight misinformation provided by Russian or pro-Russian media outlets; (3) prioritize programming to target populations and areas where access to uncensored information is limited, especially populations serviced by Russian supported media outlets; (4) increase the number of reporters and organizational presence in eastern Ukraine, especially in Crimea; (5) promote democratic processes, human rights, freedom of the press, and territorial sovereignty; (6) increase programming and content services that promote democracy to Russia; (7) prioritize programming to eastern Ukraine, including Crimea, and Moldova, and to ethnic and linguistic Russian populations, as well as to Tatar minorities; (8) prioritize news and information that contribute to the target audiences’ understanding of political and economic developments in Ukraine and Moldova; (9) partner with private sector broadcasters and affiliates to increase distribution; (10) expand the use and audience of mobile news and multimedia platforms, including through Internet-based social networking platforms; and (11) provide programming content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to target populations, including specified programming in Ukrainian, Russian, and Tatar languages.”

The following is at it’s very core a move to spread the western narrative we see so much on our media devices to Ukrainians. This will only grow US influence in Ukraine allowing internal dissent with in the Donetsk Peoples Republic. With aforementioned internal dissent will come with media coverage similar to that of which we see the for Venezuela, portraying the DPR as a totalitarian regime. While keeping it’s own people ignorant to why they truly fight.

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