Music of the Oppressed Black Nation

One doesn’t need sight to know that African-Americans of the United States of America are an oppressed people. To have knowledge of this one only needs to listen. For early African-American folk songs would be signals for the Underground Railroad. During the Civil Rights Movement in the USA slave songs were sung in hopes of freedom. Today similar gospels and songs are sung for the same reasons they were during MLK’s civil rights movement.

With the recent shooting of an unarmed black man fleeing from a cop, we can hear these songs ringing through the media again like they did in 1955. Showing the the oppression of the Black Nation still continues. This shows that in all reality, the civil rights movement never solved anything. For if getting the vote really mattered then would the Black Nation reside in the “ghettos” of America?

Malcolm X once said, “I am for violence if non-violence means we continue postponing a solution to the American black man’s problem just to avoid violence.” So it seems the power of the vote has failed and now we are in need of a radical change. For when said change comes, the music of oppression will be replaced by music of freedom

Freedom Songs That Are Still Sung Today

Oh Freedom

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I’ll Be So Glad When The Sun Goes Down

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  1. Andrea Dworkin was influenced by Malcolm X. Black people will be victimized by the white supremacist state no matter what they do. That is why violent struggle is justified.

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