Semi-State of War Declared on the Korean Peninsula

A tense standoff on the Korean Peninsula is underway right now as the DPRK is preparing for military action against the South.[1] The roots of the current conflict reside wholly within the antagonism caused by U.S. imperialism. As the U.S. continues its sabre rattling against the North, it continues to threaten a war that no one can afford to carry out.

This situation began when the new ultra-conservative government of South Korea began making propaganda broadcasts via loudspeakers into the North. This program was ended 11 years ago in order to promote dialogue between the two countries.[2] The new government in the South came into power with a strong anti-DPRK policy, and began the broadcasts again. The North warned the South to stop with the childish antagonizing or they were going to fire upon the loudspeaker.[3] The government of Park Geun-hye ignored their warning. As a result the DPRK fired a single artillery shell at the tower.

In reaction the South fired thirty plus shells into the North striking civilian police installations. The DPRK is reporting that no one was killed in the attack. In protest the North has issued a statement of denunciation. The Supreme Command of the Korean People’s Army issued the following urgent report yesterday:

“War maniacs of the south Korean puppet military made another grave provocation to the DPRK in the central western sector of the front on Thursday afternoon. They perpetrated such reckless action as firing 36 shells at KPA civil police posts under the absurd pretext that the KPA fired one shell at the south side. Six shells of them hit the area near KPA civil police posts 542 and 543 and other 15 shells fell near KPA civil police posts 250 and 251.”

The DPRK has issued an ultimatum to the South to end the broadcasts or there will be military action taken:

“In view of the prevailing crucial situation, an emergency enlarged meeting of the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea will be convened at Thursday night. We are now sharply following the south Korean puppet Defense Ministry’s attitude toward the ultimatum of the KPA General Staff which declared that a strong military action would be launched unless they stop the broadcasting for anti-DPRK psychological warfare and dismantle all means of psychological warfare within 48 hours Foolhardy provocation deserves harsh punishment.”

The ultimatum made by the DPRK is a serious one, as is the South’s reaction to it. Both side stand to lose serious face if they do not follow through with their threats. Park came into power by swearing never to back down to DPRK demands. The DPRK has issued a serious threat of military action if the broadcasts are not stopped. Both sides stand to lose a great deal of face if they don’t carry out their threats. The situation is tense, as neither side would stand to gain from a military exchange.

This whole situation should be firmly placed upon the head of U.S. capitalist-imperialism for its division of the country during the Korean War. As capitalism continues its drive to expand its markets into the last few remaining corners of the globe, they will stop at nothing and risk everything. The freedom and self-determination of all peoples are threatened by this irrational drive in a desperate bid to keep the global capitalist system afloat. The freedom and dignity of the people of the DPRK cannot be compromised for the profits of the global vultures.

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[3] North Korea threatens to ‘blow up’ South Korea’s loudspeakers spouting anti-Pyongyang propaganda over the border, The Independent

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