Donald Trump’s Success Supports 3rd Worldist Theory

One of the important pieces of Third Worldist theory is the acknowledgement that during times of crisis, the advanced industrial nations do not tend towards revolution. Instead they tend towards fascism. When you have a global labour aristocracy, they openly reject class struggle and chose totalitarianism instead.

This is what happened in Germany with the rise of Hitler to power. The people seeing their situation didn’t move towards a revolutionary struggle, they moved towards a party that promised to “make things they way they were”, once again. The people of Germany were not interested in a whole new system, they just wanted what they had back. In doing so, they would be placated and convinced not resort to radical class-based revolutionary action. As history has shown us, this is exactly what happened.

Even in Greece , a country one could say is second world, they still refused to do revolution and instead formed a “broad left alliance” of parties to run in parliament. Even with all the long running hardships that Greece has been forced to face, they still wanted to play the bourgeois parliamentarianism game; a game they couldn’t win. This was made quite obvious with the removal of Yanis Varoufakis from the government. During much of the turmoil there has been a move by people towards the Golden Dawn fascists. They have maintained being the most radical and violent of political opposition in the country.

First Worldists deny this trend and instead insist that they are going to pull off the revolution at any moment. The history of the U.S. has shown us that the population is not interested in class-based revolution. Even during the Great Depression where millions of Americans died,[1] the proletariat refused to combat the system in any meaningful way. If even then people were unwilling to fight, how can we expect it now on the eve of a $15 minimum wage? Why do it now when Bernie Sanders is already offering them all the goodies?

Why would First World Americans carry out revolution when the fascism of Donald Trump is so much easier? Yes, Donald Trump is a symbol of the correctness of the Third Worldist line on First World crisis and consciousness. We say the global labour aristocracy tends towards fascism, not revolution. The surge and sustained popularity of Trump speaks volumes of the real consciousness of First World “masses”. Right now Trump leads over all other candidates.[2]

What is Trump? Trump is a fascist.

First and foremost, what is fascism? Fascism can take on different forms given the time period in which it existed and what country it appears in. In this day and age of America it manifests in a corporate patriotism. A xenophobia that props up American Exceptionalism, and promises support for it and forwards it. A system willing to forgo human rights in order to “bring back” some kind of “golden era”, whether it be real or imagined. A patriotism that sees everyone else as the problem. This description fits Trump perfectly.

Firstly, Trump has played the xenophobia card very well. He has consistently scare mongered the U.S. population with Mexico and China. He’s done it in a modern way, not just copied from Nazi Germany. The common scare tactic used by White supremacists is a one-two punch of Blacks and Jews. Black people will mug you, rape you, and kill you for your wallet; while the Jews will conspiracy to steal your countries wealth, usually via the banking system. Trump has repeated this formula for a national political stage. In their place he has put Mexicans and Chinese. The Mexicans (according to him) are thieves, rapists, and drug dealers, fulfilling the role of the Black man.[3] China takes on the role of the Jew, a manipulator that is corroding one’s society economically in a conspiratorial fashion.[4] This one-two punch is an effective tool. It makes the American voter feel like they’re the victim of oppression (the Chinese money manipulators) while at the same time justifying the oppression they carry out against others (Blacks).

Second, Trump has called out in favour of nationalist protectionism.[5] He wants to put up measures that would keep certain foreign commodities out of the country, or tariffs that would incentivise the domestic production of them. Trump detaches the effects of capitalism from capitalism itself. The exporting of jobs to him is not an inevitable consequence of a falling rate of profit and competition, it’s an act taken by unpatriotic bourgeoisie. This is similar to what Hitler pedalled. He blamed the Jews and unpatriotic people for the economy, then reaffirmed that Germany was glorious . Only he could transform Germany back into the power it once was. Trump has pulled a similar line, he wants to take us back to a “golden age” where America was on top. All the while he’s screaming patriotism, not plans of action.

Thirdly, he has promised a stronger police state to protect the public. Trump has said he wants to give more power to the police to get rid of gangs. By this I’m certain he means the reactions by African-Americans to the police killings. These “gang” problems are really just a violent repression of the righteous anger by Blacks towards the people and system killing them.[6] This is somewhat reminiscent of the “Jewish Bolshevism” that Hitler hyped up as an excuse to advocate for and build a police state.

Fourthly, he has totally genocidal imperialist ambitions, showing complete disdain for human rights. He has called for the mass bombing of, and total invasion of ISIS with the specific purpose of removing their oil wealth.[7] In fact the largest portion of ISIS’s funding is collected via taxation on the people they occupy.[8] Trump is clear when he says his imperialist intervention is about securing oil resources. This is again similar to what Hitler advocated, simply murder all those who don’t carry out the glory of the German Third Reich. When it came time to stealing resources, they had their excuses lined up for invading and killing.

This is exactly what we are seeing right now. Trump has made no real case for himself as president other than to make appeals to emotion. He’s followed a very fascist path in his presidential campaign. While it remains to be see what he’d actually do if he was elected president; it does speak volumes about the American people and their support for him.

* * *
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9 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Success Supports 3rd Worldist Theory

  1. so what happened with Mao’s China that was so different that they could in fact lead revolution and build socialism?

    • There was much more sever repression. Not to mention there was nowhere to go back too. As the bottom of the imperialist order they had on up to go via struggle. There was nothing to bribe them with.

      • If support of Nationalism in the 3rd world is empowering in the 3rd worlds fight against imperialism, can there be first world nationalism that is anti-imperialist as well? I mean if nationalism develops within the third world, it will be developing under imperialism, so probably no, but is it possible at all? Sorry for asking here, I don’t know a good place to learn/discuss Maoist third worldist thought. Thanks

      • No, patriotism and nationalism in the first world is fascism and imperialism. In the 3rd it is about liberating the country from another.

      • cool, thanks for your time, your response on first world nationalism brings up still more questions for me, can you recommend a good resource on the topic?

      • Jason, do a video on the differences between 1st and 3rd world nationalism. one major argument against maoism third-worldism is that it isn’t marxist and is just 3rd world nationalism or 3rd world fascism.

  2. You’re right about Trump. I think you’re also right on Greece. Greece will go fascist, but even if it did go socialist, Greek “workers” would still benefit from EU exploitation of 3rd worlders. Notice how even Greek leftists don’t talk about repirations to 3rd world nations like Turkey or Palestine?

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