Russia’s Great Strategic Move in Syria

As the imperialist conflict against Syria continues, more innocent people are made refugees. The toll of human suffering has been ever increasing since U.S. destabilization efforts began more than three years ago. Now in the midst of this stage in the conflict, Russia is coming forth with serious aid to the embattled nation. Vladimir Putin has begun ordering Russian forces to assist the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad against the U.S. funded FSA and ISIS militants. Already the Russian air force has carried out bombings of militant positions.

This action signals a serious shift in the political situation of the Middle East. It has been long acknowledge that Syria and Russia are allies. They’ve enjoyed great trade relations for some time now. The appearance of the FSA was the work of the U.S. and Israel in an attempt to destabilise the Assad government, which has not been subservient to U.S. imperialist interests. Israel has been found assisting the FSA several times,[1] including using its air force as support.[2] For years Syria has had to go it alone against the aggression. They’ve been subjected to manufactured accusations of using chemical weapons, human rights violations, and other falsehoods.[3]

In this general area of the world there has been a power struggle between the U.S. and Russia. The situation in Ukraine is a power play by both sides. This extends into the Middle East as well. The introduction of Russian forces into Syria is a new development in that conflict. It shows that Russia is willing to commit military forces if needed. It also means that the end of U.S. aggression in Syria may be close at hand.

Vladimir Putin has manoeuvred in this situation well. Now that ISIS has a more active role in the Syrian conflict, Russia can now politically strengthen its decision to become overtly involved. Up until now the U.S. has threatened to strike if Russia came to the aid of Syria. Now that it is confirmed that ISIS is in the conflict, Russia can begin assistance operations with political support. The U.S. can’t attack Russia for fighting ISIS, which the U.S. has declared to be an enemy.[4] It would be political suicide if the U.S. were to attack Russia. It could not be justified in any way shape or form.

This has also allowed Putin to score some serious political points on the U.S. Despite its declaration of war against ISIS, the U.S. hasn’t really done anything in that regard. Russia is now combating ISIS and inviting the U.S. to join them in doing so. Now Russia looks like the good guy for fighting them. (Which they are.) The U.S. now appears to be all bluster when it comes to ISIS. The genius of this is that Putin knows very well that the U.S. isn’t going to fight ISIS in Syria. Those forces are being funded by the U.S. with the specific goal of toppling the Syrian government. U.S. president Obama in this case is forced to refuse to assist Russia without giving an explanation. Meanwhile, Putin can stand up and ask why the U.S. isn’t getting involved, making them look bad. It all makes Russia look like the hero, and the U.S. look like they’re not backing up their word. Either Obama has to admit they were behind the creation of the FSA and ISIS, or he has to allow the country to look like it doesn’t care about fighting, when they’ve already declared their intention to.

So what can the U.S. do? They’ve already begun claiming that Russia is killing innocent people. U.S. media have begun making phony reports of Russian air strikes against the Syrian population. These accusations are easily refutable as the supposed civilian deaths came before Russian bombings began.[5] If the U.S. can’t admit its role, and they can’t help without undermining their own interests, then they’ll demonize Russian efforts which put them to shame.

ISIS getting involved with FSA operations in Syria has been beneficial to anti-imperialist forces. Now Russia, and possibly even China,[6] can begin fighting against U.S. interests in Syria without them being able to do anything about it. If they do, then they’re exposed as aiding the very forces they claim to be in opposition to. This can only help the Syrian people win the struggle against radical Islam and U.S. imperialism.



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One thought on “Russia’s Great Strategic Move in Syria

  1. It is a good strategic move, yes. Russia’s airstrikes will be success. I believe in. But there are still unknown variables in equation of Syria and Middle East. For example, a terrorist organization like Hezbollah. And, their names haven’t been heard too much after ISIS. But Hezbollah is very effective terrorist organisation almost in every country in the Middle East. I think it is big possibility that we will see again used of them as trump card. Secondly, even if air and ground offensive would be successuful ,the first financiers of ISIS is Saudi Arabia, how will prevent the financing? In my opinion, Russia appeared again to clean up the mess which created by USA government. But any time in the Earth history this cleaning wasn’t easy. For example in Vietnam. Even if there weren’t so much country in Vietnamese, currently in Syria there are 11 countries. This seems rather difficult.

    On the other hand, It’s good that Russia reminder itself to western imperialists, my Eartling friend.
    СССР уже нет, нынешняя Россия Матушка пока еще есть.
    CCCP doesn’t exist anymore, but Mother Russia is still there :)

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