The Coming Backlash against Identity Politics

One of the largest problems plaguing first worldism is the inability (or refusal) to acknowledge problems that persist. One of them is the phenomena of gender identity politics. For a few years now first worldists, particularly first world Maoists, have been taking on the struggle of transgender and other gender minority categories. For many groups, this has been their only point of struggle. These same groups often push aside workers in favour of creating a storm around these gender minorities. This phenomenon is most highly concentrated in the United States. Concrete analysis of the prevailing social conditions and material relations of workers has been abandoned. Instead, these groups merely repeat the same Marxist-Leninist line from a hundred years ago with no acknowledgement that things have changed.

The reason for this is plain to see for third worldist theory. It has been a historical truth that in the advanced countries, particularly the United States, communist have failed to attract the support of workers. At no point has there ever been a threat of revolution in America. Even during the historical period of the Great Depression, communists failed to organize any threat to the capitalist order. Even the Black Panthers in the 1960s never reached a size where they were possessed the potential to defeat the system. Does that mean these organizations were unjustified? No, of course not, revolution is still necessary. But the failure is real, the failed theory is real. Workers have rejected communism and socialism for the Democratic Party and Bernie sanders.

It has been only in the last few years that communist parties in the first world have realized that they have failed to reach workers. Many have given up and begun reaching out to other oppressed groups in an attempt to build a social base, and a stand-in proletariat. The term precariat has been coined to describe workers in precarious employment situations. Yet, this changes absolutely nothing in terms of their class position; it’s literally the same as the other working people. Other groups have reached out to the Black Lives Matter Movement in an attempt to make them the stand-in proletariat. This has been a failure because it sold out to Police Lives Matter and the Democratic Party. Others turned to touting gender minorities. This tactic has also failed. There’s no revolutionary potential among any of these groups. Even if there was, LGBT constitute 3.4 percent of the population. Revolution reaches the masses, the majority in order to – fight a revolution. 3.4 percent of the population is not going to accomplish that.

So what does this mean? It means there is no revolutionary potential in the first world. All of these groups have ignored communists and flocked to the Democratic Party, particularly under Bernie Sanders. Very few have turned towards radical leftist politics, but nothing significant. White working and middle class Americans despise the other groups and actively work against them for their own interests. All of these groups are very happy to align themselves with the capitalist class and its representatives in the Democratic and Republican parties. Why? Because, the two parties can given them what they want. Black and transgender people can get concessions and protections from the capitalist class. They want what White working and middle class people have. They don’t want a whole new system, or to risk their lives in a revolutionary war. These concessions they seek are paid for out of imperialist plunder.

PC culture turning into nonsense. A university yoga class was canceled because of ‘oppression, cultural genocide’. To them using yoga is insulting to Hindu tradition. Debates over women’s issues have been cancelled due to alleged transphobia. The debate, the discussion of ideas doesn’t take place. Women have been threatened, and had their personal information leaked by certain gender identity groups. Attempts are now being made to remove the T from LGBT. Sexual minorities are starting to distance themselves from gender identity activists. Black Lives Matter carrying out childish antics against Bernie Sanders and others who could potential be allies is another example. This nonsensical, anti-scientific, counter-revolutionary behaviour and ideology has created this backlash.

The primary contradiction is class. This has been the basis of Marxism since its inception. All other problems cannot be resolved until class has been dealt with. How can you expect capitalism to persist and expect equality? How can you expect to change society along a revolutionary path when you don’t control the state? You can’t. The primary class contradiction, as Lenin said is imperialism. Today that manifests itself in the struggle between the first and third world. National capitals have lost their power to global capitals which no longer have a home country. They exist in multiple countries simultaneously. They buy off first world “working class” people with the spoils of imperialism to keep them from doing revolution. Class contradictions must be tackled first in order to create the conditions in which other the others can be tackled. To ignore the primary contradiction is to reduce oneself to anarchism.

Now that we understand this, let us move on to the next problem facing the American Leftist scene.

A backlash is coming, a backlash against transgender and other hyper liberal activism. Forces are growing that are coming forward with retaliation against them. The rise of Donald Trump, the expansion of Third Positionist ideology, racism, xenophobia, White terrorist shootings. This anger against hyper liberal PC culture is on its way right now. When it gets here, there is going to be a hell of a price to pay. Crimes against transgender have increased, and White terrorist shootings have increased. Mainstream political discussion is reaching into the idea of placing identification cards on Muslims à la Nazi Jewish persecution style. These reactionary forces are building up strength, and if you think Bernie Sanders is going to save you, you’re deluded.

us nativst sentiment

The evidence is mounting: according to a Reuters survey, 58 percent Americans say they “don’t identify with what America has become.” Now before anyone starts claiming that it’s only right wingers saying this, note that this goes across the spectrum: Republican 72%, Independent 58%, Democrats 45%. This why Donald Trump has risen with his racist, sexist, xenophobic rhetoric. Hyper liberal culture (passing itself off as Marxism) has not only failed to gain support from people, it has actually made things worse. It has alienated people from Marxism; it has alienated people in general. The activism of such groups has produced ridiculous manifestations.

What people need to do is be ready for the coming backlash against them. There will be a severe repression of people’s rights and identities when this finally comes down. Marxists have failed to understand the changes that have taken place in the global class order. Instead, they have attempted to champion people who don’t want to be associated with them, people they can’t reach, and taken actions which have been outright harmful. We are Marxists, we don’t stand for being politically correct. We stand for being correct politically.

First worldism is a reactionary failure. First worldists do harm to revolution and oppressed peoples.

8 thoughts on “The Coming Backlash against Identity Politics

  1. Not to mention that many of these hyper liberals who idolize the Democrats instead of abandoning liberalism and becoming actual Marxists/Maoists, they often forget that the same Democratic Party was the Party of the Ku Klux Klan.

    People in China aren’t going to care what your gender identity is and the Nepalese Maoists have better things to worry about than to complain about “cultural appropriation.” Yes, cultural appropriation exists but this “zero tolerance” culture is extremely fucking stupid and needs to stop altogether. Seriously, no investigation, no right to speak.

  2. A natural result of the strategy of cultural marxism and the left’s disastrous open door policy.

    Conflating communism with liberalism, as these modern fools do would have Marx turning in his grave.

  3. And how does Maoism 3rd Worldism solve identity politics? The same identity politics in which you rally against are now being taken up by the 3rd World. Look at Cuba which promotes transgender rights or the Naxals who are almost doing the same. Or the Naxals agreeing to side with jihadis in India against the Hindu government. Even the NPA has been highly sympathetic to Muslim groups in the Philippines who resist the Catholic theocracy there.

    M3W is economism at its best. Fuck social issues, let’s just focus on who produces the most surplus value and put all our hopes and dreams on those people to commit acts of violence. Meanwhile actual communists in the 3rd World do, in fact, address issues of gender, sexuality, race, religion, disability and caste in their political programs.

    My next question: why call M3W ‘Maoist’ when it promotes a distinctly nationalist line? Why not refer to it as Jucheist instead, given the highly nationalistic aspects of the Juche idea?

    • “The primary contradiction is class. This has been the basis of Marxism since its inception. All other problems cannot be resolved until class has been dealt with. How can you expect capitalism to persist and expect equality? How can you expect to change society along a revolutionary path when you don’t control the state? You can’t. The primary class contradiction” Juche has nothing to do with third worldism,they’re nothing alike. In fact, Juche isn’t even anything. M3W promotes national liberation, not nationalism.

      • Deleting my long response without responding to any of the points I made about China, the DPRK and M3W?

        You are pathetic Jason. You lose fans and followers as soon as your ignorance starts to come out. How does a self-described Maoist support DPRK unconditionally, especially when they should know about the history of tensions between the two nations?

      • you spewed a huge wall of utter nonsense. It’s not worth answering such garbage, nor wasting so much time on it. You said nothing, you just insisted you were right without dealing with what I said. You have no idea what you’re talking about. You claimed Maoism was nationalism, which is false. You ignored the entire section on contradiction. And it’s hard to take someone serious using the name “Poo”, and email is “”. Go away Zak Brown.

  4. Comrade Jason: In what has become the most sophisticated police states in the world these point you make are not new many have presented these same critiques in varied form over a period of decades.

    Where the class struggle has been relegated to the back seat and as you stated. But I would like to add the sophisticated intelligence groups and analysts in polcy making have long understood many of these same points that you raise and for that reason in that many who are members of “left” views are actually double agents many of these ideas were encouraged.

    Again much like you stated the weakest groups and people are singled out and then targeted in multple strategies of divide and conquer whihc has intensified along with the advent of computers as such strategies by such technology can be better coordinated (as they are) . Where many leftist orgianization are used domestically to divide the opposition New Left, ultra-leftists and Black Militants, and where in foreign policy were used to penetrate the countries like lbania and the PRC (eg Marxist Leninist Organization of the Nederlands)

    In any case in that I live in exile in rural Pennsylvania lately I have begun tuning in to you regularly as it is intelligent humorous witty and informative.

    In the common criticism we get unfortunately these who as trolls double as agents to bore us to death find that the most intelligent thing they can do is ill founded slander that would be in admissible in any proper court of law.

    Best wishes.

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