Stefonknee as a Symbol of Identity Politics

Russian Revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin warned the proletariat of the dangers of identity politics. This warning has remained ignored by First Worldist Marxism. Today we face a time when Marxism in the First World is at its weakest point that it has ever been. American workers (First World in general) have rejected coming over to the side of the communists. As a result of the historical failure of Communists to reach the working class, it has shifted and has sought out a stand-in proletariat. All attempts to do so have failed. Instead, First Worldists have latched onto whatever fringe group they can to champion; groups which are not capable of creating revolution. Often times, they are groups that have rejected them. Black Lives Matter is a prime example of this.

Out of desperation, they have latched themselves onto identity politics. Rather than simply acknowledging the lack of revolutionary potential in the First World, they have instead invented it where it doesn’t exist. Rather than correcting an incorrect political line, they have pandered to particular groups. Groups that aren’t interested in revolution, nor are they interested in radical politics. These groups are collectively known as “identity politics.” They are not based on science, they do not place politics in command, they place identity above all else. First Worldists are directly responsible for this happening.

We have seen what so-called Marxists groups do. On Facebook we can see people trying to come up with new identities to satisfy their alienation. Instead of tackling the problem of alienation, they have fetishised identities near to the point of psychosis. First Worldists have championed these identities to a point where they have lost a connection to the material conditions in which they exist. They see them as outside, or detached from the social context. They choose not to see them in the context of a society which produces alienation, but instead push them as though they were material things themselves.

An observation of their behaviour on social media is quite telling. You can see them fetishise mental illness. People with diagnosed mental illnesses, depression, bipolar, anxiety, autism, are promoted as the illnesses themselves. They are not recognised as people who have a problem which obscures who they are. They are taken as the illness themselves. Their identity becomes not a person who has these issues, but a person who is the issue. Watch them on Facebook actually competing with each other over who has the strongest, or most medications. They compete with each other over who can give the worst example of their symptoms. The Marxists who champion this are constructing new identities instead of doing the political science necessary to forward revolution. They have actually turned people away from each other rather than towards them.

All of this has culminated into the disaster that is Paul “Stefonknee ” Wolscht. This man is the inevitable result of identity politics, and the fettishisation of identity. Wolscht is a 53 year old, 6’2″ 270 pound man, who identifies as a six year old girl. He, also “fluidly moves between her six-year-old self and her adult self, in addition to her male and female identities.” He is a formerly-married father of seven children. This is complete and utter nonsense, someone cannot identify as a child. People are feeding his delusion, his irrational escapism. This person has become the hot topic of discussion around identity.

This person is being touted as a victim of society in a recent web series (video) by The video leaves out some serious facts which radically deviate from their narrative of him. In 2009 he was arrested and charged with 14 criminal offenses of assault, uttering threats, criminal harassment, and criminal mischief. His own wife and late-teenage children testified against him. He was convicted of assault and uttering threats. He was also served with a two-year restraining order against him that kept him from him his wife and all seven of his children. Eventually, they ended their marriage over this issue. In the video he claims his wife left him because he was transgender. He did not mention his criminal history in relation to the divorce.

After these events, he moved to Toronto where he began a career as a “transgender activist”. He was given the job of “trans consultant” at The 519 Community Center. Eventually he was removed from the post due to the following behaviour:

She has demonstrated herself as deeply narcissistic and self-absorbed, putting her own struggles as a white trans woman ahead of the struggles of trans women of colour in Ontario, of putting her own attempts at suicide in front of murdered black and brown trans women at TDoR gatherings.

This would otherwise seem like a quibbling over her character. When she was employed, however, as a trans consultant for a queer-focussed community centre and assigned to work alongside a few trans women of colour, she had a tendency to hijack client/community presentations and redirect these back toward herself (implying that she was the most oppressed trans person there was). Eventually, this cost Stefonknee her job.”

He has refused any of the normally prescribed treatment. Instead, he opted to take up space in a women’s shelter, and began attending services at the MCC Church. There he took to sharing his story of being a transgender transchild. Meanwhile, the organization completely ignored his violent nature and manipulative lies. These actions by the MCC Church placed the lives of women and others at risk.

Despite the past restraining order, one his daughters tried to open communications with him. She invited him to her wedding on the condition that he dresses tastefully. She texted him, “I don’t want a commotion started or anything. I really want the focus to stay on me and David. Would that be okay?” His response was utterly despicable: he staged a suicide attempt on the day of her wedding. This man attempted to ruin his daughter’s wedding day to feed his own narcissism.

After that mind boggling act, the MCC Church set up a support group for Stefonknee. It was not a support group where you spend time discussing and dealing with your problems among people with similar problems. It was a team of people who got together to support him alone. It has been described as “A Table Wasting An Hour Every Week Giving Attention To An Unrepentant Violent and Abusive Able-bodied White Male Porn Addict.”

The support group project came to an end when Stefonknee exposed himself for the kind of person he really is. His youngest daughter messaged him on Father’s Day in an attempt to reach out: “Please text me if you want to, but I’m not ready for a call. Happy Father’s Day.” His response? “I’m going to kill myself. Bye.” He described this abusive behaviour to his support group who was horrified at what he’d done. He made himself out to be the victim when displaying this by saying, “I literally was ready to slit my throat”.

From then on he became involved with FetLife, a sexual fetish website. He became connected with a couple in Peterborough, Ontario who have played into his (I’m guessing) psychosis. They allow him to role play as a six-year-old girl being raped. This is the fantasy he wants to carry out. They allow him to live out his life as a child. In an interview he graphically described living out his fantasy of being raped as a six year old.

“I felt like a woman!” reports Stefonknee of his “adopted dad’s” penis inserted man-on-man into his “six year old girl” rectum at the Oasis swingers club. “I was surprised I didn’t think I was going to be pregnant, I was so much a girl. I actually have an erection right now from it so I’m just going to pull my dress down a little bit,” he told the journalists who were covering his journey to girlhood.

There is much worse in the interview, however, it is far too graphic to repeat here.

The journalists who conducted this interview say, “Steffy is in a place of peace with her identities after a very traumatic falling out with her family, which for trans folks, is unfortunately not uncommon.” Stefonknee is a severely mentally ill, abusive, violent, dangerous, closeted pedophile, who has shirked his responsibilities as a father. He now lives as a child, allowed to completely ignore the real world, and live in a fantasy. This person is a danger to himself and those around him.

All of this has been enabled and encouraged by identity politics, which fetishises identity over science. This is the peak of liberalism, it is the inevitable result of placing identity over science. There can be no doubt that this man has had a mental illness for a long time that has gone untreated. Instead of providing the necessary health care, he has been handed a licence to exhibit any irrational behaviour he wishes, and to indulge in any perverse fantasy. Because no one was willing to reject his identity on a serious level, and instead deal with his mental health, it has spiralled out of control into sick qusai-pedophilic relationship.

Instead of acknowledging the reality of this man as mentally disturbed and dangerous, the interviewers and have made him out to be a celebrity and a victim.

This is directly where First Worldist Marxists are going. They have uncritically taken on identity politics in lieu of revolutionary science to build a stand-in proletariat. No, this is not a slippery slope fallacy. This has already happened. They have already taken on mental illnesses as identities, and not as the problems they are. When this reaches out to identity politics at large, it explains some other unethical behaviour First Worldists engage in.

Some groups go to the point of falsely claiming to be a part of oppressed groups in order to try and reach them. These same people use the plights and problems of oppressed people’s in order to make themselves out to be victims. A good example of this is “gender queer”. There are many White, upper middle class men who call themselves this to deny their membership in, and responsibility for abolishing patriarchy. Once one of these men “identifies” as “gender queer”, they can no longer be called out for their sexist behaviour which is entirely patriarchal. They use this definition to deny the White male privilege they have, and actively use. Nothing is more dishonest than to use an oppressed group to deny your own privileged place in the hierarchy of society. I can think of one organization whose leader suddenly discovered they were “trans” once their group was called out for its repeated male chauvinism. Now they claim their group can’t be sexist, because they’re supposedly “trans” now.

What’s wrong with identity politics? The fact it doesn’t lead to revolution. As First Worldists champion identity, they reach for reforms, not revolution. There is no effort to rally the masses to carrying out the overthrow of the U.S. government and its oppressive class structure. The identity politics people they champion are not interested in revolution, they want reforms. No one is saying that the disadvantaged should not be helped. We are saying that the goal of revolution and the path to achieving it has been abandoned. Meanwhile, the First World left keeps scratching its head writing posts asking how they can get back on track.

This is what First Worldism has degenerated into.

Edit: Recently, “Stefonknee” went missing. The Toronto police put out a message informing the public of his disappearance. A few days later he was found, with no explanation given for his absence. One is tempted (given his previous behaviour) to assume that he took off in order to get attention. Meanwhile, actual children are missing and require resources to investigate their disappearances. It’s disgusting to be giving his absence so much press while there are hundreds of missing First Nations women who have gone completely ignored.

The self-serving nature of “Stefonknee” makes itself plain to see. Browsing his twitter account, anytime someone criticizes him on his child fetish, he calls it “transphobic.” Essentially, he’s using the oppression of transgender people as body armour against rightful criticism and condemnation.

During the interview he even called himself a boy when asked if he was a boy or a girl. In addition, he makes male chauvinist attacks on women.

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17 thoughts on “Stefonknee as a Symbol of Identity Politics

  1. Terrible, gave me cancer. Liberalism is the biggest cancer there is I rather live in a Nazi country if I had to choose that and a Liberal shithole.

  2. Why am I not surprised that another middle to upper class white male pretending to be a woman gets more attention than a third world black child who has no choice but to drink infected water? Why are otherkin considered more oppressed than a working class person working lower than minimum wage? Do the survival of Indigenous Canadian women who have gone missing not matter to these people?

    Time to start drinking first world tears.

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  4. You do a lot of dancing around the issue of whether being a transwoman (forget the transman, as most don’t care about it) is okay and/or a mental disorder. I am reminded of the video where you completely dogged the question. MIM prisons also dodged the trans-question when it was brought up to consider it in light of their Gender Aristocracy line.

    I am personally inclined to accept the transwoman over the homosexual, or more accurately, I am more inclined to accept the autogynephile over the homosexual. I think there is a reason the homosexual was integrated into imperialism first, and there seems to be a struggle in the ranks of the bourgeoisie over the integration of autogynephiles.

    Even though I am inclined to accept autogynephiles over the homosexuals, I freely admit I think the radical feminists have pegged them pretty accurately. The autogynephile does have the mind of the rapist, or rather, the sexual fantasies of the autogynephile tend toward extreme submission of the female. There is an article where a feminist recounts her experience as a phone sex operator talking to men who we would know recognize as having autogynephilia, and she points out none of these men ever fantasized about becoming a woman and dominating other men with their new vaginas. Their sexual fantasies are always playing the submissive, and clearly “Stefonknee” is no different.

    I would say the integration of the autogynephile is basically a confirmation of the rape-culture thesis. Basically the Oppressor Man and his Oppressor Woman force the Homo-Fascist (the white gay male in charge of the LGBTQ alphabet-soup in the West) to integrate the autogynephile because they get-off on autogynephilic sexual fantasies. Not all women, but a lot of them do have rape fantasies. The rape fantasies of women aren’t exactly like the sexual thoughts of the autogynephile. The rape fantasies of some straight women are usually more narcissistic; the man is raping me because he is overcome with lust for me and must possess me now. This fantasy is still focused on the hyper-exaggerated erotic mental state of the male rapist. The submission fantasies of the autogynephile are being in the act of submission itself, having really nothing to do with imagining the erotic mental states of their would-be sexual partners.

    In that sense, the sexual thoughts of the autogynephile are closer to straight men than any woman. It is probably easiest for the straight man to sympathize with the autogynephile, especially any straight man who has every constructed an elaborately detailed feminine fantasy object for masturbation purposes. The difference seems to be one of identification with the feminine fantasy object, or in the case of the autogynephile, perhaps even a lack of imagination on the erotic mental states of actual women.

    In any case, from my previous experience working with LGBTQ people in student activism, I am inclined to believe anti-transwoman sentiment is because the homosexual male doesn’t want to really integrate this identity into the LGBTQ alpha-bet soup they control. The male homosexual sees the autogynephile as a homosexual with a mental disorder. If this is true, I suspect the real difference between the male homosexual and the autogynephile relates to the onset of the sexual imagery. The homosexual male begins identifying with the feminine fantasy object earlier on, even before the onset of puberty, while the autogynephile is a post-puberty version of the same sort of internal fantasies. The continuity here is best evidenced by the androphilic transwoman, who in another context would develop into a ‘normal’ male homosexual. The male homoseuxal sees this an understands what he could have been forced to become, given another cultural context, and fears the integration of the transwomen because it could lead to the extinction of his identity, given a profound shift in political/cultural values.

    Lastly, the androphilic transwomen actually desires straight men, seeing ‘normal’ homosexuals as too effeminate to desire sexual encounters with. While they are really homosexuals, they don’t actually desire other homosexuals. In some way, this leads to a divergence of how the two types of homosexual construct their sexuality. The androphillic (homosexual) transwomen desires straight men, while the homosexual can either desire masculine men or they can fetishize other homosexuals (this seems to be the most common). The most extreme form of the fetishizing other homosexuals can be seen in the bug-chasing fantasy. The homosexual with the bug-chasing fantasy fetishes the male homosexual with aids as the ultimate male-slut, and begins to resemble the straight male slut/virgin binary that is more commonly known about.

    Myself, I believe Marxist-Leninists must return to an anti-homosexual view, a view that has been held by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hoxha, etc. If this means an alliance with the transwoman, autogynephile and/or androphilic, so be it. However, we should not be under any illusions about the nature of their identities. Ideally, in the imperialist oppressor nations, after a revolution, the LGTBQ pyramid will be restructed, with the male homosexuals at the very bottom. The queer-theorist autogynephiles will be near the top of the hierarchy, followed by the female bisexual, then the male bisexual. Some politically acceptable form of lesbianism will police it, but will be directly answerable to the party.

    • Your comment was a poorly construed attempt to attack me. Him being transgendered is not the issue here. The problematic theory of identity politics is. Identity politics has swept his psychotic, manipulative behaviour under the rug. You’re unable to come up with any cogent defense for this person and what said, thus you resort to changing the subject. In addition, I suggest you investigate past Marxist leaders as well. Many of them were homophobic. Perhaps if you had done any research at all, you would have known that Mao viewed homosexuality as a bourgeois disorder that came about via alienation. Despite your claim of Marxists needing to “return” to anti-homophobic views, they are already held. The loudest transgender supporters have been first world Marxists. On these points, your comment was utter misinformation.

      • I think you were in a bit too much of a haste, Jason. I didn’t say we should return to “anti-homophobic” views. I said we should return to anti-homosexual views. As in Marxist-Leninist parties of the world should become explicitly anti-homosexual again, as they have historically been.

        It’s obvious to me that “Stefonknee” is being used as a stand-in for attacking the transwoman. I don’t necessarily find that a bad thing, I am merely calling you out on it. You should be brave enough to attack the transwoman identity directly, rather than hiding behind a particularly odious example of one.

        The reason I am ultimately saying I am personally pro-trans is because the Homo-Fascist is anti-trans, and Marxist-Leninists should return to being anti-homosexual. Ultimately, I would go so far as to say we should do what most other Third-World countries do to homosexuals, and force them into the dress (make them androphilic transwomen).

        Again, that doesn’t mean we should cater to the “cis-gendered” nonsense when talking about transwomen. Most of them in the First-World are autogynephiles, and are motivated to seek SRS out of a sexual fantasy of themselves becoming women. I am open to radical feminists critiques of transwomen, and stated so.

        Radfems have also attacked homosexuals. MIM upheld much of the line of the Redstockings, but for some reason didn’t accept their anti-homosexual views. I think Marxist-Leninists should look back into this feminist group, and take up their critique of the male homosexual as the ultimate misogynist.

    • As a female, I cannot afford to align myself with a group who thinks womanhood is sexual subjugation, a mere shallow appearance, and who upholds the very same gender hierarchy structure that is utilized to oppress my kind.

    • ” It is probably easiest for the straight man to sympathize with the autogynephile, especially any straight man who has every constructed an elaborately detailed feminine fantasy object for masturbation purposes.”

      Sure it is. That’s why the interests of autogynephiles are held above the interests of women and male homosexuals by the patriarchy.

      Just because you as a straight man can sympathize with autogynephiles doesn’t mean they’re better than gay men, though. From a point of class-analysis, they are the worst.

      Gay men are a) more honest than heterosexual men about the fact that they don’t love women, and b) unlike autogynephiles leave women’s spaces to women.

  5. This is the FIRST piece I have seen written by a male leftist that dared to question identity politics and I couldn’t be more excited. I have spent years disgusted at being no platformed, banned, censored, threatened and intimidated by self proclaimed lefties who dared to pretend that real females have no right to question what the implications of identity politics means for oppressed groups and how it thwarts the classist realization we need to facilitate revolution.

    My being a female is a result of my reproductive category. It is not some subjective hunch, a falsely proclaimed neurotype, mere presentation or collection of clothing. I am not oppressed on the basis of having long hair or wearing heels, it’s because my physiology is smaller and pregnable.

    Females are the modes of production for the labor class. THIS is why females are primarily exploited, and that is a biology NO trans “woman” can EVER have, no matter the amount of surgeries or socialization. To have so called male Marxists deny this has me wondering how we can ever have a left when even the material dialectic seems so completely misunderstood.

    So thank you, thank you, thank you, for restoring an ounce of hope that some male fellow leftie out there gets it.

    Identity politics is freaking dangerous, once we begin the idea that oppression is a result of an identity rather than a material reality of classist structures, we end up with the conservative bullshit answer that one merely needs to “identify themselves” into another class, and thus class oppression is only a result of one’s failure to choose otherwise.

    I’m so very disgusted by the trans politic, it is extremely harmful to women and society in general, it’s consumerist, sexist, porn obsessed…

    And if I see any more men defend this shit, see any more have the audacity to tell women that they don’t have the ability to self define but must marginalize themselves because men in skirts do woman better, I’m going to go ape shit…

  6. This type of behavior shows the limits and problems of Western individualism. The sympathy people get from others is used as a shield against personal responsibility.

    I’m also glad you brought up imperialist feminism and pink imperialism. Westerners love to shove their eurocentric version of feminism down the throats of all others. Muslim women are being ridiculed for not believing sex outside of marriage is liberating by white women who would want to see all of them assimilated into capitalism and consumerism. Same thing with LGBTQ. Why should the Western narrative of sexuality become an absolute for the entire world? Why should I have to accept someone else’s gender identity if such a thing is not found in my traditional culture? It only reinforces the colonial idea that “West is best” and deprives other cultures of their own traditions, which may very well be liberating to them. Not every indigenous culture had a concept of Two-Spirit or Third Gender. Now we see Western feminism and LGBTQ being forced on colonized peoples by way of a civilizing mission.

    Identity politics is part of Western decadence, because it centers the politics around you as an individual. People who engage in identity politics do not think about the larger picture. Take, for instance, a case where Hindu college students demand that the university give them their religious holidays off – the modern Left would naively support such measures without questioning the fact that Hindu extremists persecute Muslims all the time in India and Hinduism has racism at the core of its theology, or that clinging to a “Hindu” identity makes one have an incentive to continue India’s occupation of Kashmir. But the Left would think: lol OK kewl this is a chance to prove how cosmopolitan I am by sticking up for Hindus. They put their own image over a collective struggle.

    Do you agree?

  7. Is it any wonder that there is a huge LACKING of ANY CIS WOMAN comrades in leftist circles? Is it any wonder that the majority of the masses think that SJW and leftism have become a joke? If the Marxist movement doesn’t distance itself from sickening shit like this then we are literally doomed.

    • “Cis” (and I don’t agree with the term, it implies women are comfortable with their gender, which many are not) women are consistently no platformed, banned and threatened by slef proclaimed male Marxists (socialists, communists, anarchists, etc) for daring to come out against the identity politik. I have been on the receiving end many times.

      I have watched many female comrades leave Marxist politics as active participants stating that they are not able to even speak without having so called male comrades remind them that it is men who determine what is female, and what freedoms or boundaries we are allowed do have. How can one even share an opinion or experience when that happens?

      Women know that patriarchy is the primordial class and the most deeply rooted in our paradigms, it runs so deep most women cannot even free themselves from it, so there is no way to free a male from chauvinism when he controls the modes of communication.

      Know how I found this blog? From reading a subreddit I am banned from posting on. The Marxist male owner of the forum honestly thinks eliminating free speech and telling women only males can speak for them will help the revolution hahahhahaha!

      I have been repeatedly told by so called male comrades that males are the real thinkers, that capitalism exists because women are material, that we should be used for breeding and sex, but not recognized as equal human beings because only males have the brains to comprehend justice… Literally, I’ve heard this verbatim from owners of web sites, leaders of college groups and men in labor day protests. Fellow males have sat in silence.

      I don’t want to be pessimisitic, because hope is all we have while living in the belly of this capitalist beast, but as an owner of a vagina, experiencing how deep classism runs even amongst those whom claim to be void of the ideology, I’m certain we are doomed…

      It’s why I got so excited at reading this blog, it’s literally the FIRST time I heard such sentiments come from a leftist male in several YEARS.

      • Sorry to hear that. I agree that’s absolutely disgusting. Like literally many male Marxists think that trans “women” are more REAL women than actual women. This is why nobody takes us seriously – many leftists live in a fantasy bubble of SJW.

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