South Rises Again: American Nuclear Christianity

I and other Third Worldists warned of a rising fascism in the United States as a response to crisis and hyper liberal identity politics. Our theory holds that as the advanced countries enter into crisis, they march towards fascism, not class conscious revolution. With each passing day we continue to be proven correct. Donald Trump as a powerful force in the country has risen as a result of this tide, his very open racism, sexism, and homophobia has been accepted with open arms by many Americans. The powerful rightward shift has little confronting it. Hillary Clinton is basically a Republican in Democrat clothing. Bernie Sanders is the beginning of the first world ‘masses’ selling out the third. (He’ll continue all the wars and global oppression, but offer nice welcome reforms to Americans to stop protesting.)

As the U.S. Empire continues to crumble under the weight of its own economic and social contradictions, its people will turn to greater degrees of totalitarianism. This turn will be spurred on by the need for some kind of ideology to preserve their American Exceptionalism, and scapegoat someone for the failures of Western liberal capitalist democracy. It should come as no surprise that the rallying ideology for many people has been Christianity.

That Christian identity has taken a very frightening turn. In the midst of all of this, Ted Cruz has announced what he thinks is the only way to defend so-called true Christian beliefs. The Southern states need to separate and build nuclear weapons.

“They are out to exterminate us. They are out and they are on the hunt for God-fearing conservative Christians whose only idea of a family entails a man and a woman and nothing else. They are like a beast who’s had a taste of blood, Christian blood, and is now out for the kill. You are all and danger, I am in danger, Christians throughout America are in danger. It started with the Supreme Court ruling, and the way things are going, I’m afraid to think how it’ll end.”

“What scares me the most is that there are people out there who don’t seem to notice the persecution that’s going on under their very noses. I mean, how stupid do you have to be to not see things for what they are? You have gays running rampant on one hand, and Christians being lynched on the other. It’s as though we’re back in the dark Middle Ages.”

“But, there is a solution. Or rather, there could be. I believe the southern states of America should come together in a joint effort to protect their religious freedom, what little of it they, we, have left. We are running out of time. We should build a nuclear bomb and use it to defend our right to believe in God as our one true Father.”

Imaginary Christian persecution is happening hand-in-hand with the destruction of the American middle class. Good paying jobs are being destroyed, mortgages are going under, racism is increasing tensions between all manner of groups, and many people see their children as not having things better than they themselves had it. The “American Dream” of infinite capital growth is proving to be a sham. The system is proving to be a sham. These privileged White middle class people who have always had a superior position see it slipping away. They interpret this erosion of their privilege as an attack on their religion. As others want as much as they have, they interpret it as an attack upon their religion.

What Ted Cruz suggests here can be perceived as borderline psychotic. Think about what he’s really saying once we strip away all the Christian paranoia: “if same-sex couples are allowed to get married, we’ll use a weapon capable of killing millions.” This is what he’s suggesting, any challenge to their socially regressive beliefs should be met with mass murder. While it’s farfetched that such a thing would happen, what’s important to keep in mind is that this is the mentality of these people. They really want to mass murder people for getting married when they don’t approve of it. The mindset is there, and it’s very real. In fact, this idea is now growing once again in reaction to the liberal identity politics movement. We need to be aware that this phenomenon is growing.

It’s no surprise to me that these same people don’t see their utter hypocrisy. When the DPRK says they want to build nuclear weapons to defend themselves from real threats of violence, they are denounced as criminals. In their minds the right to mass murder over same-sex marriage is okay, but the DPRK’s right not to be invaded, and to demonstrate their self-determination is invalid. This is the real mindset of American society, one that is actively a threat to the entire world. While not all Americans think that nuclear arms should be used to prevent same-sex marriage, they will denounce the use of it, but also denounce the DPRK for wanting to defend itself. This can also be applied to any country that wishes to demonstrate autonomy from U.S. imperialism.

This as another manifestation of the reactionary nature of the global class structure.


3 thoughts on “South Rises Again: American Nuclear Christianity

  1. This idea strikes me as the old Sinclair Lewis notion that “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” I used to think that might be true myself. Now I think that line of reasoning inevitably leads to believing in some sort of “United Front” to fight the “Super Right,” a line endorsed simultaneously by both the CPUSA and the RCP.

    I would say that line of thinking could only appeared to have been correct back when black Americans were completely disenfranchised, and the wild success of the film Birth of a Nation was still fresh on people’s minds. Today, after the era of “Civil” “Rights,” aka the integration of the Black Nation into the spoils of imperialism, that is no longer possible.

    Instead of the threat of “fascism” coming from these types of buffoons, you should actually see it as the ideological posturing of a faction of idiots who are actually committed to preserving that thing called “America.” They want to make gay sex an issue because they see it as a way of attempting to rally their base to around them, because they think it is a safe issue. It’s not really threatening to the powers that be, or not perceived that way.

    The real trouble will begin in America when the ‘Right’ goes out of control, and realizes Christianity is actually the enemy of their real Nation. Then the section of the radioactive right-wing of the white masses will see them as their main enemy, the enemy that no only really goes along with integrating homosexuals into US imperialism, but the same group of Christians, acting as the loyal opposition to the liberals, who forced integration during the “Civil” “Rights” era on their Nation.

  2. Jason, I think your “source” and Ted Cruz’s “comments” are from a satire website.

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