10 Things First Worldists Do Wrong

There are many problems with First Worldism in general. here are a few things that immediately come to mind that they do wrong, yet seem completely oblivious of it. It is wholly anti-scientific to continue using the same failed theory over and over again when it is proven to be a failure. It is absolutely essential that we correct the incorrect theory.

  1. Almost all communist parties in the United States are either a student protest group, or a Facebook group. The one notable exception is the Avakian RCP. Even then, their primary effort is selling leaflets.

  2. First Worldists keep putting out information on how capitalism (the Koch Brothers, etc.) is subverting democracy by buying off politicians, and argue for taking money out of politics. They should be advocating the abolishment of capitalism. In practise they’re just arguing for reforms, not arguing for an end to exploitation via revolution.

  3. As the environment is being destroyed globally placing everyone’s lives in danger, they continue to push for reforms from the bourgeois government. They should be arguing for the collectivization of the means of production under a state plan via revolution.

  4. We agree that prostitution is the most dehumanizing thing for women, which is tantamount to paid rape. Yet First Worldists insist on trying to legitimize it, not abolish it. The fact legitimization does not reduce harm, but abolition does, is irrelevant to them. All they’re concerned about is having access to a woman to rape. At no point does it enter into their minds that prostitution is the epitome of the commodification of a human being.

  5. First Worldists reveal themselves to be the enemy of third world people when they say “fuck the police”, but “support the troops.” Claiming that the U.S. military is a victim of the capitalist order, but not the police is reactionary. They oppose the police who operate as the enforcers of capitalism domestically, but support those who do it globally. First World people benefit from imperialism so it should be no surprise they support the troops.

  6. No matter how much they claim it, first world people are not interested in revolution. Every big protest movement ends with people accepting concessions, not revolution. The people will not follow communist groups, or even radical politics. They will sell them out for reforms every single time. It has happened every single time.

  7. Broad left coalitions in parliament don’t build socialism. Using the bourgeois electoral system and form of government does not work. It has never worked, and it never will. The whole point of left coalitions is to avoid having to make revolution.

  8. America is not a third world country, and First Worldists have to stop claiming that. Your first world privilege has blinded you to the reality of global wealth and living standards.

  9. Stop trying to defend past revolutionary leaders and start theorizing on how to make revolution. Calling yourself a Stalinist and memorizing Stalin’s words won’t bring revolution. The correct scientific theory does. You cannot win people over by glorifying past leaders, you win people over by having a correct theory that brings change.
  10. Acknowledge that the advanced countries have FAILED to do revolution. The first world has failed to carry out a revolution. Stop claiming that it’s possible. Do not answer with, “yea, but we’re trying.” In the last 100 years these efforts have failed. There is a reason for that, the theory doesn’t work. There should at least be attempts to build new theory.


4 thoughts on “10 Things First Worldists Do Wrong

  1. Agreed with pretty much everything you’ve said.

    Although I must say on number 9, we’re still dealing with leftists who insist on thinking that “Stalin bad, Trotsky good” and a whole bunch of leftists who would outright dismiss Mao and Stalin because of the whole “Mao murdered 9090909405409569 people” mantra they spew out. But I see your point though.

  2. Hey these are excellent points and I’m not even a Communist.

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