Time to Tell the Truth about Fascism

We are Marxists, we’ve lost tens of millions of lives fighting against fascism. Obviously, we’re against fascism, there’s no communist in their right mind that would possibly support it. However, I do see a problem. In our zeal to destroy the fascists, we tend to forget to tell the truth about them. We do a great disservice when we do so.

In history, they’ve been portrayed as tyrants whom no one supported. The masses of every fascist country were unlimited victims of their policies and ideology. In truth, it was quite the opposite. The German people in large numbers supported the Nazis.

Why is it important that we acknowledge the truth? Because we’re seeing fascism rise all across the first world. In Europe, they’re taking support away from leftists who have traditionally had a much stronger grip on the people. Young people are now in increasing numbers becoming interested in the ideology. We’ve been telling them that fascists are evil to the point of religious fetishism. No one liked them, no one wanted them, and they oppressed everyone. The truth is, a lot of people benefited from it.

This is far from what we’re telling them. These kids hear something quite different than what they’ve been told. What happens from there? Well, they start listening to the Nazis thinking they’re not so bad. In their eyes, they see them as supporting things they themselves like. They see these goals as compatible with what they want.

Remember when you became a communist and saw that it was all different than what the ruling class told you? They gave these horrible stories of unlimited numbers of people killed and other such nonsense. Once the truth came out about what communism is, you changed your mind and realized what lies the bourgeois were spitting. You lost trust in their ideology, and for good reason. Did you not become resistant to their message from then on?

When we perpetuate this same line about fascism, we’re making the same mistake. We have to acknowledge what fascism is: First Worldism. The Nazis promised all kinds of benefits to the people if they supported them, and that’s exactly what they got. They got a bought off working class.

How does a country maintain a fully satisfied working class? They do it via the spoils of imperialism. When the Nazis began looting Europe and Jewish citizens, they were using the wealth to economically elevate their country, even further, bring their living standards higher than ever before. This was accomplished with the Nazi war machine. This is also why the war was so popular among the German working class.

Is this not what First Worldism is? The restoration of the living standards at the expense of another group of people. In this day and age, it would very clearly be imperialism. When first world people go out and push First Worldism, they’re pushing reforms. These reforms come out of the value extracted from the third world. For first world people to demand more when they’re already the global 1%, they’re arguing that the third world be exploited harder. Nothing else is going to afford them these benefits. Even if they were to have a revolution, the value transfer would remain the same.

We are Marxists, we’re all about the scientific understanding of social forces. We must tell the truth about fascists. They’re arguing to get you more at the expense of others, they’re not arguing for a better world overall. They will tempt you with promises of a better nation, etc. Have no doubt they’ll probably deliver on it, just as the Nazis did. Marxists need to be properly prepared to deal with this rising right wing fascism that is taking place in America and Europe. In order to do that, we must first be honest about our enemies. Only then can we be ready to ideologically arm people against them.

Much more needs to be written on this subject, and I don’t have the time right now. I would welcome anyone to expand upon it further. I’d also like to offer this post from the LLCO that explains fascism in greater detail.

4 thoughts on “Time to Tell the Truth about Fascism

  1. Pretty much everything you’ve said here is exactly what I’ve been saying for ages. Sadly, these people don’t listen because they want to play this game of “I’m not affected, therefore you’re wrong” when it really doesn’t work that way.

  2. Actually, it is not that easy. I fully agree that fascism hast a strong first worldist component, however, if you look at the history of the Bank of International Settlements, then another picture emerges. I am revisionist insofar as I do not agree that it is only economic forces at work. Apparently there is a world of hyper-liberal-capitalist ideology which shapes our world. The plans worked out at the BIS show absolute continuity from it’s inception to the ECB for example. But maybe that just supports your theory.

    • In the understanding of Marxism, we know that the social forces are shaped by the economic. Economic relations determine the social relations.

      • True Jason but culture also deserves an analysis. 1st world cultures are inherently hostile to communism given their place in the global order. 3rd world cultures are less individualistic in fact in most African and Islamic cultures individualism is practically unheard of.

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