Pro-prostitution Marxism is Ahistorical, Incoherent, Woman-Hating Nonsense

Reblogged from Jonah Mix blog Gender Detective

Communism: You may know it primarily as that thing Bernie Sanders supporters tell you they aren’t. Or, if you’re lucky, you know it as the ideology advocating for the overthrow of the bourgeoisie and the establishment of a worker-led society based on production in terms of human need. What you probably don’t know it as is an ideology that defends wage labor, exploitation, and commodification – yet it’s become depressingly common for communists online and off to do just that by supporting prostitution. Yes, men who claim to be warriors against the domination of one class by another are celebrating an industry in which one class…well, dominates another. Andrea Dworkin was right as always when she said, “Only when women’s bodies are being sold for profit do leftists claim to cherish the free market.”

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