Philippine Maoists Edge Closer to Allying with Duterte

A little while ago I produced a video showing that the Communist Party of the Philippines was trying to make an alliance with the Mayor of  Davao City, Rodrigo Duterte. (The Philippines Donald Trump.) This caused great alarm among myself and other Third Worldists who seemed to be the only ones who noticed this. When myself and the LLCO reported this, we were met with attacks and angry denunciations by Maoist groups. We criticized Joma Sision for saying that “…[h]e has the character of Hugo Chavez… [He is] dauntless and bold.” Duterte has openly spoken about his support for the use of death squads against people who smoke marijuana. Since then the ties between the CPP and Duterte have grown larger.

I stand firm that this is the selling out of Sision and his attempt to abandon the revolution by agreeing to lay down arms if Duterte wins. We’ve both taken flack for this position, but just wait. In 6 months to a year, we’ll see what happens.