Espresso Stalinist Shows His Ignorance and Dishonesty Again

Espresso Stalinist has made yet another one of his completely ignorant sophomoric attacks on Third Worldism. In doing so, he makes the usual errors he always does. The same that all “Hoxhaists” do. Simply thump the writings of Lenin and Marx like a Bible and say anything that disagrees with them is revisionism. Espresso Stalinist, and the APL in general, continually spread the same falsehoods – this post is no different.

His article is unnecessarily long – a tactic of “throwing as much shit as possible, hoping something will stick.” This is akin to Tom Watts when he writes articles under Kevin Rashid’s name. Having said that, please allow me to debunk his ignorance in a minimal amount of time.

  1. Any rift between Mao and Lin Biao is irrelevant to whether or not a theory is correct.
  2. Pointing to Mao’s errors isn’t an argument against Third Worldism.
  3. Mao was not a “Third Worldist,” nor is Third Worldism Maoist. (He doesn’t even understand the term.)
  4. Finally, as he’s had to be told on numerous occasions (showing his blatant dishonesty), Third Wolrdism has nothing to do with Three Worlds Theory. If he had any critical thinking skills he’d know that Three World’s Theory is anti-Third Worldist

Espresso Stalinist knows absolutely nothing about Third Worldism, as has so clearly demonstrated. This is the same person who refuses to accept the Third Worldism debate challenge, because he knows he can’t actually debate. Nor will he accept it now. All he can do is make posts attacking positions he knows we don’t hold.

This is a good representation of the discourse plaguing Marxism today. Perhaps the APL should try educating themselves instead of merely fetishizing Stalin constantly. The APL has demonstrated that they are simply incapable of engaging in principled discussion, or even acting like adults. Typical of First Worldism.

Never forget the “two-whatevers” of Hoxhaists: ‘Whatever Stalin said was right. Whatever a Marxist of colour says is wrong.” Espresso Stalinist is a joke.