Espresso Stalinist: Simply Not Capable of Debate, Honesty, or Adult Behaviour

After having shown the massive non-sequitur that his blog post against Third Worldism was, Espresso Stalinist went full hurt feeling mode and proceeded to attack me personally. I expect no less from him. But, I’d agree with him, he’s not on my level. He’s far below it. He’s a coward who talks like an expert yet avoids principled debate. He accuses me of personal attacks, yet that’s all he’s ever done to me. He’s carried out all kinds of slander attacks on me, yet accuses me of doing it. I’d remind him that I’m the one open to debate, he is the one who refuses to do it. Nothing is more pitiful than a sophomoric  pseudo-intellectual regurgitating Stalin, only to answer with personal attacks. Again, I expect no less from him.

Espresso, you’ve spread outright lies about me for years. You’ve spread lies about Third Worldism for years. You’ve no interest in acting like a Marxist, you merely seek to undermine others by wrecking activities. If you had one ounce of integrity you’d agree to debate, but you won’t. You’re a fraud. Put up, or shut up, that’s all.

If you can’t debate theory, perhaps we can have a conversation about Kinzer?