#LochteGate is American, Not White Privilege

Ryan Lochte and Other U.S. Olympic Swimmers are taking heat for lying about why they had lost money in Rio. They claimed they had been robbed when in fact, they had urinated on a door and damaged it. The money went to repairing the property they damaged.

“Right now, as we speak, what the police can affirm ā€” there was no robbery the way it was reported or claimed by the athletes,” Fernando Veloso, chief of the Rio civil police, said in Portuguese at a news conference Thursday. “They were not victims of the criminal actions that they claimed they were.”

According to Veloso, the swimmers took a taxi from a club to the gas station and then vandalized the restroom, breaking the mirror, a soap dispenser and other things.

When local security guards saw them, they told the cab driver not to let them leave, but the athletes insisted on going, Veloso said.

One guard then used a “firearm to control” the swimmers ā€” and demanded they pay for the vandalism, he said.

Social media has been quick to denounce the actions as “White privilege.” The idea that a group of people can just go into a place, damage things, is somehow a “White thing.” This is absolutely false. This is a self-entitled arrogant American thing. Black Americans overseas visiting are just as bad a White American tourists. When Iraq and Afghanistan were invaded Black American soldiers lined right up to call themselves the victims of the war right alongside their White counterparts. Americans notoriously make movies about invading countries, killing millions, and make the plot about how it made them sad. Even when they acknowledge their actions as criminal, they still make themselves out to be victims who were “tricked.”

In case SJWs forgot, Black Americans lined up in support of the US war machine against Iraq and Afghanistan killing three million people. To claim #LochteGate is simply an expression of White privilege is another example of American arrogance. Even Black Americans have the arrogance to think they can’t be wrong, it must be someone else that is.