Joshua Stanton’s Glaring Hypocrisy on DPRK Medicine

Joshua Stanton, noted anti-DPRK legal expert, one responsible for much of the sanctions placed against the DPRK – has produced a blog post attacking them for a problem that those like him actually caused. In his latest post, he blasts the DPRK for making a generic version of Viagra, but not a few of the necessary medicines. The claim is glaring hypocrisy as pointed out by Felix Abt, a capitalist in the DPRK. Another quote by him sums it up well:

Joshua Stanton does all he can to ensure that North Korean pharmaceutical factories can’t produce effective and safe medicine because certain components necessary for its production are banned due to sanctions championed by him. And then he does all he can to blame and demonize the regime for it.

I could think of no better a symbol for the mainstream media’s portrayal of the DPRK: cause them the problems they face and then blame them for it. And as usual, the Western public of the imperialist countries go right along with it.