Peak Identity Politics has been achieved in South Africa

The point of identity politics is to place one’s identity above proper material analysis. As Marxists, we see this as historical materialism, materialism, and revolutionary science. In other fields, it relies on other methods. Biology relies upon chemical interactions and how they are observed. Gravity and related fields are reliant upon physics. These sciences depend on solid observation and evidence collecting. The scientific method is the basis for all rational thought.

Identity politics on the other hand simply abhors and critical thinking along the lines of any rational structure. One is reduced merely to an identity, defined by in own mind as being the absolute truth. This is not to say that identities cannot be constructed material forces. I am referring to merely one’s own subjective construction (or belief) of identity. An identity that often completely forbids the scientific method, and any rational analysis. Identity politics places the subjective perception of self above critical and rational thinking.

It is no secret that such ways of thinking are the mainstay in Marxist thought at this time. As revolutionary potential and the proletariat have disappeared from the first world, so has revolutionary science. In its place, there has been left various identities. These identities have become the cornerstone of so-called “theorising” in Marxist thought. Class and historical materialism have been cast aside as “cis White male” ideas, thus they cannot lead to liberation. All actual liberation using these methods of analysis is of course discarded.

A manifestation of this which I believe reaches the absolute peak has been achieved in South Africa. There is a new movement building in the college campuses. There’s a new ideology floating around called “Fallism.” The people who adhere to it are called “Fallists.” Their goal is to cause the fall of science and have it begin all over again by Black Africans. In their belief, science is corrupted by White Western males. At first, I was hesitant to believe that such a thing was real. It seemed very much like the product of the imagination of a right wing extremist mind. Unfortunately, it is a very real thing. A group called “Shackville TRC” in South Africa is just that.

During a speech they gave, the head speaker insisted that science was given to Black Africans by White people, thus it has a pro-colonial bias. Now I can understand where a confusion may arise. She could be referring to social science, like Eugenics which has been proven false. No, they’re talking about literal physical science. As an example of bias, she gives the example of “Black magic” which can cast lightning bolts down upon people by a spell caster. In her view, since science has no explanation for it, science is, therefore, biased towards White people. The nonsense can be found here:

This cannot be described as anything but the greatest manifestation of identity politics. Science is literally being discarded in favour of Black African identity. Black Africans as an oppressed group have chosen their shared identity over that of all scientific discovery. The prospect of this is absolutely frightening. Imagine an educational institution where this kind of thinking is made mandatory. The damage it could cause is astronomical.

To make matters worse, the ubiquitous “safe space” is invoked as soon as someone challenges their incorrect ideas. Not a refutation of position, not an argument, simply a claim of safe space is used instead. To make matters even worse, they demand he apologise for it. While claiming to want to do science “all over again,” they categorically reject discussion and debate of an idea. There is not much more that could be anti-science. In a true moment of honestly, they are declaring their intention to be anti-science period.

I identify politics was given many slippery slope fallacies in the past few years since its inception. Almost all of them have come to pass. The anti-science philosophy of the Christian right has been made manifest in the left by identity politics.

Marxist must reject this nonsense. All actual Marxists must renounce this identity politics. There is almost no Marxist group in the first world that has made this renunciation yet. It is high time it happen. The future of revolution depends on it.