Responding to Another Weak Attack: Red Midwest

Once again it is necessary for me to address the horrible reactionary nature of a first worldist’s attacks on third worldism. This, like many other assaults on third worldism, contains many insults and personal attacks on me. In a post by “Red Midwest”, attacks against myself are reduced to name calling like: ” The cheetodust fingered sadsack Jason Unruhe (AKA “Maoist Rebel News”) dresses up like a Red Guard…”[i] Such behaviour is below that of a Marxist. It reeks of liberalism. And if this individual really was a Maoist as they claim they would remember his portion of Combat Liberalism: “To indulge in personal attacks, pick quarrels, vent personal spite or seek revenge instead of entering into an argument and struggling against incorrect views for the sake of unity or progress or getting the work done properly. This is a fifth type.”[ii]  Red Midwest should self-criticize for acting like a liberal child.

In addition, he claims I’m a fascist with no explanation whatsoever.

The jist of his post is to state that Maoism is not third Worldism. This is correct. Nor is it Lin Biaoism. We do not claim it to be Maoism. His argument is simply: attack Lin Biao, quote Kevin Rashid. At no point does he address the answers put forth by myself, the LLCO, or MIM. He just asserts that the attacks made by Rashid, which have been refuted multiple times, are correct. He does not bother to do any investigation. Most of what he uses from Rashid is typical liberal race-baiting, as though correct ideas can only come from a particular race of the individual. The reactionary anti-scientific SJW mentality is palpable.

Interestingly, he plays off the failures of Western Maoism as the fault of Third Worldists. He says: “This is a dangerous shell game that the TWists play, and it hurts and inhibits the work of actual Maoists.” The revolution in the first world does not depend on us. It is amazing the importance they saddle with us, as though we are somehow the key to the revolution. Their own inaction is the product of their own dilapidated theory. Do not blame us for your failures. The refusal of first world people to engage in revolution is a product of their material conditions.

First worldists usually engage in such anti-Marxist behaviour to cover for their own lack of knowledge in theory. They would prefer to make insults and poison the well of debate than act honestly. To that end, I challenge you, Red Midwest, to a debate over Marxist theory. Can you discuss ideas honestly and scientifically? Let us find out, contact me.