Liberals Defending the CIA for their Class Benefit

Just recently newly elected U.S. president Donald Trump got into a bit of a tiff with the CIA. While standing in front of the monument to fallen C.I.A. personnel, he criticised their role in the investigations into Hillary Clinton’s role in the Benghazi affair, her private email server, and the alleged hacks on Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) emails. Liberals met this with outrage insisting that he had insulted those who had given their lives to “protect the country.”

Such is the nature of liberalism, to be concerned only with one’s own national interests and not show concern for others. They’re angry with Trump for his attack on the intelligence community with regards to Hillary Clinton and her campaign. But their memory is short. It was the C.I.A. along with fifteen other intelligence agencies who lied about “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq preceding the invasion of the country -an invasion that cost a million and a half Iraqi lives.

The C.I.A. more than any other organisation is responsible for the suppression of popular uprisings across the globe. Often times they perform coups against leaders for merely increasing the minimum wage to a livable level. Whole countries have been thrown into chaos cost millions of lives all for the benefit of first world people’s economic interests.

The sheer disregard for the lies that caused innocent third world people to die speaks volumes of the first world working classes’ inability to unite across borders. As long as the first world working class is fed their spoils of imperialism, and their feelings protected, they will care for no one.

Marx believed that all countries would level out in development, thus only require a global unification of workers. This is not the reality we face today. The so-called workers of the first world are given benefits high and above those who toil for their living standards. It is the workers of the oppressed countries who must unite against their common exploiter and oppressor, first world people.