Trump’s Erratic Style of Leadership

The Trump administration seems to be in a near turmoil. Ever before Trump took office he was at war with the intelligence community. Many are concerned over his “bull in a china shop” approach to foreign policy and domestic policy to a degree. He wants things his way, exactly the way he wants it with no regard for what the unintended consequences might be. Those who approach him with advice are met with scorn and dismissed as trying to undermine him. The travel ban was a rash move that created a good deal of hostility towards the US.

Trump does what he thinks is right under the assumption that he knows everything. His picks for cabinet positions don’t seem to fit the job they’re assigned to. People can see this going on, especially the media. When they show any kind of concerned or even criticism, he lashes out at them as though they were provocateurs. When his executive order banning people from Muslim-majority countries was rejected by the courts he responded on Twitter, taking it personally.

The main problem with Trump’s style of leadership, as I see it, is his approach to policy. He wants specific things to happen, specific things he wants to do. Those issues are all approached compartmentally. Trump sees no big picture. In fact, I’d wager that he has no “big picture” of what he wants to do in terms of policy. He only has certain actions that he wants to take. These decisions can conflict with each other producing consequences he wasn’t prepared for. There is no structured overall policy he wants to implement. Taking such an action leaves things in chaos. For example, his threat to deport immigrants has left many southern farms lacking the necessary labour power to carry out cultivation. Labour shortages of this kind have caused adverse effects, such as crops being left to rot without being harvested.

Such reckless decision making has caused many inside the government, the deep state, to become concerned. Many of these insiders are worried that there could be a social or economic catastrophe as a result of his actions. Recent hostile words over Iran are certainly an indication that he wants his way without regard for Iran’s right to self-determination.