Marxist Cognitive Dissidence on the Traitor Joma Sison

Too many in the Marxist community have turned a blind eye to the traitorous actions of Joma Sision, the current head of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). Too many deliberately ignore his drive to sabotage the revolution. Marxists all over are supporting the ceasefire between the revolutionary forces and the government of the Philippines. They’re calling for peace negotiations to actually end the revolutionary struggle. Such people should be ashamed of themselves and criticise their reactionary position.

Sision himself reached out to presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte and offered a ceasefire if he were elected. His offer was to end the revolutionary war, participate in the government as a legitimate party, and integrate the New People’s Army (NPA) into the government military. To how much to a greater degree can a man possibly sell out? He literally seeks to end the revolutionary war, yet his cheerleaders in the Marxist community, particularly the first world, claim that this would not be the end of armed struggle.

To the people who support this ultimate of reactionary positions, ask yourselves these questions:

  1. How are you a revolutionary party if you’re literally not fighting, and you participate as a regular political party in the government?
  2. How is the NPA supposed to fight the Philippine military in a revolutionary war if they’re the same organization due to integration? Does not Mao tell us that, “without a people’s army the people have nothing?”
  3. How can Sision call Duterte the “Philippine Hugo Chavez” when his policy is to indiscriminately murder the poor and drug addicted? What kind of class analysis leads Sision to such a conclusion?

First worldists must acknowledge their wholly reactionary positon by supporting Sison’s surrender of revolution to Duterte. No amount of mental gymnastics can possibly frame surrendering armed struggle as not ending armed struggle. No amount of cognitive dissidence can possibly justify allying with those who murder and oppress the poor while claiming to stand for the poor. First worldists must admit this terrible error in their position towards the Philippine Communist Party and change it.

The Communist Party of the Philippines must remove Sision as the head of their organization and return to a revolutionary path. The revolution can still be won despite all the difficulties they experience, and those yet to be faced. The revolution does not have to surrender to the genocidal regime of Duterte. The poor of the Philippines must be protected from the mass murder supporting monster that is Duterte.

Denounce Sison, victory to the Communist Party of the Philippines!