Draft Bernie! The Birth of the Berniecrats

It is an understatement to say that there are many within the United States that are unhappy with the election of Donald Trump to president. Even more, people are unhappy about the development around the world. Each day we hear of some new statement or piece of legislation by Trump that creates more popular anger towards his leadership. With dissatisfaction so high we must remind ourselves why: because Trump’s policies hurt the regular American. As we’ve seen from his presidency, the system’s acts of imperialism remain relatively the same. This is the one true difference between Hillary Clinton and Trump: Clinton would have been nicer to the American people, but just as horrible to the victims of the United States. In lies the heart of the Bernie Sanders movement.

We’re a team of former Bernie Sanders staffers, delegates and supervolunteers working to draft Bernie to a new people’s party. Join us and let’s finish what we started on the Bernie campaign!

Petitions have appeared asking for Bernie Sanders to be drafted as president of the United States. Their argument is simple, less than half of all eligible voters turned out. This under the law is grounds to throw out the election and with a popular vote push Sanders into office. Seems simple enough. Of course, we know that such a political manoeuvre is far from a simple legislative act. It is enough to say that I’m confident that no such event will be forthcoming.

Grassroots organising has begun to demand that Sanders become the head of a new political party. They’ve dubbed themselves the Berniecrats. This is, of course, a fusion of Bernie Sanders and Democrats. What these activists want is a new Democratic Party with Sanders at the helm. Needless to say, Sanders has already rejected this idea and instead has argued for unity with the Democratic Party that these activists are already rejecting. Sanders has fully integrated himself into the Party and sees no benefit to leaving it. Sanders is not going anywhere.

What’s important here? These grassroots activists want the Democratic Party with Sanders as the head. They want the same imperialist party, with the same imperialist system. They want an America with the same economic basis but with a dash of “social justice”. They want the same system that is already in place but with the goodies that can be purchased with imperialism: universal healthcare, free college and university, a high minimum wage,  etc. They want all the benefits of a first world social democratic imperialist country. They have no concern for ending the imperialist wars of the capitalist system.

Some would argue that they do. Some of these Berniecrats actually do want an end to the wars. But their actions betray their desires. They do not seek an end to the system which relies upon, which MUST carry out imperialism, in order to survive. Tell them they must risk their lives in a revolutionary war to end that suffering their privilege is built upon… and they will laugh in your face. There is no such desire to do what is necessary to end imperialism, only what is necessary to get more of the benefits of an imperialist country.

There is no easy way out of capitalism and imperialism. Revolution is the only solution. Americans and first world people, in general, must be acknowledging for what they are: unwilling to be the allies that the global proletariat needs. First world people do not want revolution, they are parasites that suck the blood of the third world. This applies equally true to so-called first world Marxists, who themselves, despite seeing the necessity of revolution, refuse to engage in revolutionary war as well.

No to Berniecrats, No to phoney Marxism, yes to the death of imperialism!