It’s Time to Denounce the YPG as U.S. Puppets

It’s time to start talking truth. It’s time for first worldists to start acknowledging that their media darlings of the YPG are not what they claim they are. For some time now it has been perfectly clear that the YPG are a pro-imperialist organisation that has been working hand-in-hand with the United States. There is no excuse for this, yet anarchists particularly are ignoring it – or worse – justifying it. By no means is this limited to anarchists. First worldist Marxists are just as guilty of it. The “Rojava” administration must be acknowledged for what it is: an ally of imperialism, a counter-revolutionary force, and racist.

Just recently the YPG and “Rojava” administration announced the creation of the “Federation Of Northern Syria”. This partition of land was made at the request of the United States for the deliberate act of dividing up Syria into different regions for the express purpose of weakening the country overall. The purpose is to claim as much territory under US control as possible to prevent the restoration of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The goal of the US invasion of the country via proxy groups has been to knock down the independent government of Syria to install a puppet government. Once accomplished the Syrian people and resources would be handed over to U.S. capitalist interests. NOTHING ALTERS THIS FACT. Syria is under assault from the United States on more than one front. One of those fronts is the YPG. The Kurds have allowed the US to fund their forces, train them, and hold an airfield on their land. Absolutely nothing could better symbolise collaboration with imperialism. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS.

The YPG is carrying out ethnic cleansing of areas they conquer under the US banner. Arabs who have lived in the areas for long periods of times are being forced out at gunpoint. When the YPG took over the Tal Abyad region they forced Arabs to leave their homes and took over the territory. In other instances they have prevented Arab tribes from returning to their own lands once ISIS had been defeated. The people returned to their homes only to find Kurdish guns threatening them with death. Kurdish forces have committed outright war crimes in demolishing the homes of Arabs after seizing villages from their inhabitants.

A former US ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, stated that Kurdish forces are abusing and killing Arab refugees. At a Senate committee hearing, he said that, “[i]n some cases, Syrian refugees flee it and don’t go towards the Kurdish areas – they run away from them and into Islamic State territory.”

There is no denying these facts anymore. First worldists and anarchists have denied the Kurdish alliance with U.S. and even British imperialism. First worldists and anarchists are too busy parading pictures of Kurdish women, especially women considered conventionally attractive by Western standards, to look into the facts. Their preference for sexist imagery over proper investigation and application of revolutionary science speaks volumes as to their ideology. Such actions can be construed as nothing less than support for US imperialism.