DPRK: Stakes Higher than Ever

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula continue to find ways to increase despite the already very intense situation. The United States seems entirely determined to cause a violent stand-off with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). US imperialism has reached an impasse with the DPRK’s nuclear weapons program. The days of hoping that Kim Jong Un would abandon the nuclear deterrent has passed. It is clear now that the “Young General” will not concede his country’s dignity and independence to US imperialism.

Since the unofficial end of the Korean War, the US has maintained a policy of destroying the alleged socialism of the country. In truth, the US merely wishes to make the DPRK a client state and exploit its population and natural resources. The DPRK is well aware of this and has been waiting for the day when the US would invade again. Because of this reality, they have invested heavily in military hardware. This is particularly true of artillery. Tens of thousands of pieces were placed along the border with their barrels trained upon the capital of the south, Seoul. The goal was to make the price of invading the DPRK so high that no rational person would dare risk it.

As technology progressed, the DPRK began experimenting with nuclear technology. They had a twofold reason. Firstly, the energy embargoes against the country made it necessary to develop a more reliable and efficient means of energy generation. Secondly, they wanted to develop a nuclear deterrent against invasion, one that was much greater than simply masses artillery. With nuclear and ballistic missile technology, a nuclear weapon strike could be carried out upon Japan or the US mainland. With this, a much more serious deterrent against invasion had been developed.

The right of the DPRK to develop as they wish, to determine their own destiny, is unacceptable to US imperialism. This is the one key point that has never been acknowledged by the imperialist power: The DPRK has a right to self-determination and freedom from the US constantly threatening war in their country. This is why the deterrent exists, and why it must continue to exist.

Meanwhile, the major political and economic powers in the region are growing nervous about the prospects of war right on their borders. China, who shares a border with the DPRK has reportedly sent 150,000 troops to the area standing ready for a possible invasion. Video has now surfaced of Russian military forces being sent to their border with the DPRK. Both Russia and China are major allies of the DPRK. Currently, they are locked into an economic relationship that is quite beneficial for both Russia and China. In addition, both countries have a vested interest in preventing a US puppet government filled with US military bases being placed right on their border.

Both China and Russia are interested in a stable geopolitical situation that would facilitate trade between the countries. Already economic cooperation between the dragon and the bear has increased significantly. This is largely facilitated by the elimination of the US dollar for trade between them. Political stability promotes mutually advantageous trade. The current situation isn’t beneficial for the South either. Already there is an increasing risk of debt default as the situation unfolds.

The situation is locked in an intense stare down. Neither side can capitulate with how much aggression the other has demonstrated. The US says that it could carry out a pre-emptive strike if the DPRK goes ahead with another nuclear test. The DPRK says that it has every right to continue their nuclear program as a deterrent. Mass amounts of US forces have been sent to the Korean Peninsula with the express purpose of intimidating the North. In response the North has refused to back down from their sovereign right.

In this conflict, the US has no moral high ground. They are responsible for some of the greatest crimes of the past two centuries. Juxtaposed to them is the DPRK which has remained inside their own borders and dedicated their efforts to defending themselves, not invading and attacking others. On no level can the US consider itself the “good guys” in this situation. The recent manoeuvrings of the US are solely dedicated to violating the autonomous right of the Korean people to decide their own destiny in the world.

We stand on the precipice of a third World War. One wrong move could push us all into an apocalyptic scenario where possibly hundreds of millions of lives could be lost. We face such a terrible danger merely because the American Empire must continue its unending drive to dominate the entire world. The entirety of resources, markets, and labour are seen as the sole rightful property of US capital interests. There must come a day when the world must stand up to their reign of terror.