A Cycle of Hope Begins Again

It should be acknowledged as a fact that global politics, like local politics, goes in repeating cycles. It’s as predictable as the rising and setting of the sun and the moon. The stodgy old conservative order becomes despised by the people who live under it. A new candidate for leadership appears and makes promises of a whole new world, change that people can look forward to – hope that people can believe in. That person is placed into power by a vote of the majority. Everything seems like it will go well.

The fresh new leader enters power and produces the same old world that existed before. The promises are broken, hope eventually dies out, and nothing changes. The public which had believed that things were going to be different this time have fallen for the same old false promises. The voting public becomes disheartened and sits back allowing the phoney prophet to do all the damage they’re going to do. Or what? Vote for the other candidate that they already rejected for doing things they were unhappy with them doing?

After the “fresh new leader’s” time is up, the choice is made once again. This time the public rejects the person who lied to them and chooses the stogy old anti-human order that they had rejected before. In their minds, they tell themselves, “well, he tells it like it is.” They take comfort in the fact that he’s not lying about what he’s going to do to them. Some feel as though they’re punishing the now former leader for lying to them. The conservative order now begins again.

After a leadership of the man “who tells it like it is”, the public is weary of all the damage he’s done to them by cutting all their necessities. The benefits of living in a first world country are reduced for the sake of the profits of the capitalist elite. Desperate to undo the damage that has been caused, the public looks for a new hope, a person that will change things. Eventually, such a person appears promising to make things good again. The candidate of hope and change appears asking to be elected. A weary public votes them in – and the cycle begins anew.

We’re facing that turning point as the old stodgy conservative order declines once again. Not just domestically in the United States, but globally as well. The shift in policy and rhetoric is shifting and promising a new day, one that is free of the hostilities and inhumanity of the old. The people will find themselves disappointed once again.

In the US most liberals, progressives, and so-called leftists have finally accepted that their man Bernie Sanders was not the great hope they believed him to be. He is as much entrenched it the Democratic party as anyone else is. Sanders pumped out leftist rhetoric like no tomorrow. He opened himself up to accusations of being a communist and even falsely called himself a socialist. Real leftists recognised him for what he was – as an opportunist. Once he got a chance to be a mainstream Democrat, he sold out his “principles”. The people fell for it.

But there is hope, a new candidate has arisen along the same line as Sanders. Tulsi Gabbard is advocating all the changes that Sanders once did. She is asking for severe health care reform. She is pumping out all the anti-war rhetoric that Sanders once did. She has even gotten herself in trouble for rejecting the idea of US interference in Syria. On the back of this progressive quasi-platform, her star has begun rising in the Democratic policy to challenge the returning Hillary Clinton. Gabbard is being touted by people the same way that Sanders was. She has the same whole “feel” of being different than the rest of the Party. The people are being fooled again.

In South Korea, the new president Moon was voted into office based upon a similar ticket. He promised to do things differently than his wholly corrupt predecessor had. People were outraged at what the former President had done to the country. This new man says he is going to do things a different way. South Koreans are angry at their government being manipulated, if not outright controlled by the United States. Many South Koreans don’t want the THAAD missile system in their country, let alone be forced to pay for it. Such a move only increases tensions in the region.

The new President Moon has declared his intention to death with the Democratic People’s Republic (DPRK) in a different manner. He wants to reopen the joint industrial area. He wants to engage in diplomatic measures to ease tensions between the DPRK and the US. He’s rightfully acknowledged that simply threatening the DPRK will not produce the desired effect. Co-operation and dialogue are what he sees as the path to convincing the DPRK to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

Again the people are being led astray by promises of change. His words are empty because they fail to base themselves on why the DPRK is so adamant about building nuclear weaponry. As the US continues its imperialist aggression against the country, the production of such weapons is needed as a deterrent against invasion. It is only because of US aggression that the weapons are being sought. No amount of dialogue or cooperation will end the US’s imperialist ambitions against the DPRK. Thus, it is necessary to keep the deterrent. President Moon is merely promising something he can’t deliver. But the people will fall for it once again.

The cycle has begun once again. We could go much deeper into the subject by mentioning Jeremy Corbyn, another false promise of change. But this will suffice for us to make our point.