US State Department Alleges Mass Crematorium in Syria

As world opinion on the imperialist invasion of Syria has begun to shift away from US interests – new allegations are being made against the Syrian government and Bashar Al-Assad. The US State Department is now claiming the government of Syria has not only been committing mass killings outside their military prison complex in Damascus but that a crematorium has been added, “to the structure in order to burn and secretly dispose of thousands of its victims’ remains.”

“Beginning in 2013, the Syrian regime modified a building within the Saydnaya complex to support what we believe is a crematorium,” Stuart Jones, acting assistant secretary for Near East affairs, told reporters at a special media briefing, circulating satellite photographs that he says depict that crematorium.

“Although the regime’s many atrocities are well-documented,” Jones continued, “we believe that the building of a crematorium is an effort to cover up the extent of mass murders taking place in Saydnaya prison.”

The claim is supposedly sourced from Amnesty International, a known pro-imperialist organisation which has been caught making false allegations in the past. This is also supported by allegations made by “credible sources” which of course choose to remain anonymous, and not show any evidence. They claim people, “have been killed after being repeatedly tortured and systematically deprived of food, water, medicine and medical care.” This is, of course, a common accusation, one that is proven in the case of the US’s Guantanamo Bay.

What the State Department provides as ‘proof’ is a few satellite photos of the military prison which seems to show there has been an addition to the building. Of course, there is nothing actually showing it to be a crematorium. It’s just a moderately sized room with a vent. These satellite photos don’t seem to show anything at all. But we are expected to believe that it’s a terrible inhumanity.

05-17 US State Department Alleges Mass Crematorium in Syria 1

Does any of this sound familiar to you? It should, this is a common tactic against the DPRK (North Korea). Often satellite images of completely innocuous things are posted as ‘proof ‘ of great crimes against humanity. Images of collective farms taken from satellites are passed off as political internment camps where ‘millions upon millions’ have died. Such baseless accusations are now being used in Syria.

Of course what the US is doing is despicable. The attempt here is to connect the Syrian government to the Nazi regime of World War Two Germany. These alleged crematoriums used to dispose of prisoners’ remains is intended to invoke images of Auschwitz and the Holocaust. Such is the use of propaganda by the US to justify its proxy invasion of Syria. The US simply has no shame in using one of the greatest tragedies of human history as a justification for empire.

All right minded people should demand proof of such an extraordinary accusation. But it’s unlikely that anything solid will be forthcoming.