John McCain Calls China “Bully” Over South China Sea Development

U.S. Senator John McCain has denounced China as “acting like a bully” for their continued development of islands in the South China Sea. While speaking in Sidney, Australia, he attacked the development as a militarization of the region. China has rejected these allegations saying that it has every right to develop militarily in its own territory. McCain and the U.S. have called it an act of provocation and says a diplomatic solution is needed.

“I think it is very clear that the Chinese by filling in these islands are militarizing them and that is in violation of international law,” the Arizona senator said.

China has claimed most of the South China Sea it’s said to be a transport conduit which $5 trillion worth of goods passes through a year. The U.S., on the other hand, declares the region to be “open” where anyone is allowed to travel. Until the development of the islands, the U.S. has had full control over the area via proxy countries, and their military occupations, like the Philippines. The rise of a Chinese presence in the South China Sea challenges U.S. control.

Currently, the U.S. is using its proxy state of the Philippines to challenge Chinese development. A complaint was filed by the Philippines with the intent of staking its own claim on the strategic waterway. It should also be noted that the South China Sea is said to be rich in resources as well. It’s estimated that there is 7,500km3 of natural gas reserves, as well as 11 billion barrels of oil.

On what basis can the U.S. claim that China is a “bully” for developing military forces on its own land? On what moral high ground does the U.S. think it can claim that China is a “bully”? The U.S. militarily has 800 bases around the world in 70 countries. This level of global military development is nothing less than the development of an empire. Almost all of these countries are occupied against their will. Constantly the U.S. is at war with some state or another. Currently, they’re involved in numerous conflicts including the decade long-running wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S. has been at war for the vast majority of its existence.

Where does McCain, the man who was photographed with the leader of ISIS to claim anyone is a bully? The U.S. basically controls most the world by the barrel of a gun. But China is supposedly the bully because they develop themselves?

05-30 John McCain Calls China -Bully- Over South China Sea Development

If there is one thing that bullies hate, it’s when people stand up for themselves. The only bully here is the U.S., as it fears anyone being able to stand up to them.  If there is one thing that the U.S. hates, it’s when anyone challenges their perceived right to be the rules of the world.