America’s Moral War on Iran

It seems as though the hostilities against Iran are older than time itself. We’re constantly bombarded with news regarding the Islamic state. Going as far back as the election of George W. Bush, we’ve been given stories about how Iran is only “a few months away” from manufacturing weapons grade uranium. These claims continued into the Obama administration which was more concerned about dealing with the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Regardless, the hostility towards Iran was still there.

It takes only an honest eye to acknowledge that Iran still does not have nuclear weapons. Not only this, but there is no evidence that Iran was ever in the process of building a nuclear weapon. All of it has been hysteria built up by the United States and other allied imperialist powers, such as the UK, and Saudi Arabia. Iran barely extends any influence outside its borders.

There is one simple issue here that remains totally ignored by the mainstream media’s framing of events: Iran’s right to self-determination. One doesn’t have to praise the Islamic Republic for any reason. They merely have to accept that they have the right to determine their own destiny. When we hear of this “for the people, by the people” the Americans love clamouring about, we wonder if this principle applies to others. Do the people in other countries have the right to determine their own society?

It would seem that the US and its people don’t think so. We see calls for the destruction of other countries by Americans and their leaders all the time. Afghanistan was targeted for death after 9/11 because they were reportedly protecting Osama bin Laden. Did the million and a half people who died in that war deserve it for 9/11? A study shows that 95% of the Afghan population didn’t even know 9/11 had even happened. Yet, despite this, many Americans cheered on their destruction.

Iraq was invaded on the most flimsy of pretexts. It was claimed that Saddam had “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” a term intended to be vague enough to cover anything. Even when it was eventually shown to be a lie, the narrative was changed to “we have to oust Saddam because he’s a dictator.” What proceeded from there was the same mass murder that was carried out in Afghanistan. About another million and a half people were killed out to force out a leader who didn’t bow to US interests. By no means am I defending Saddam, am I saying that the war was never about liberating the Iraqi people. Was it worth a million and a half lives to remove Saddam?

Can we say the same of Libya? The US-backed invasion of the country cost around 30,000 lives. US bombings did extensive damage to what was the most prosperous country in Africa. Muammar Gaddafi was in the process of creating a united currency that all of Africa could use to stimulate development in the continent. For his efforts, Gaddafi was disposed of by US-backed rebel forces. Another great inhumanity was carried out.

What moral high ground does America think it possesses? Who are they to make demands of anyone? They’re the greatest terrorist force the world has ever seen. Syria and Iran are countries which have existed in relative peace in the region. Their troubles have been the product of US meddling in the Middle East. If it were not for US imperialism there would be much greater stability and peace. But instead, we’re fed stories of how Iran and Syria are supposedly hot beds of human rights crimes! They insist that they should interfere in these two countries to promote peace and stability!

How can the US, with a straight face, make such a claim? They are the ones who invade and murder millions for energy resources. Millions die so that billions can be made in profit. A resounding ‘no’ should be on the lips of every moral American when their government tells them to march off to another war!

No war in Syria!

No war in Iran!

No moral high ground for the US!