Kim Jong Un Reportedly “Paranoid” of US Assassination Attempt

New rumours are circulating about North Korean (DPRK) leader Kim Jong Un. According to a South Korean parliamentarian, the Supreme leader has had a 32% reduction in the number of public appearances. This same parliamentarian claims that Kim is taking extra precautions to avoid a decapitation strike by the United States.

“Kim is engrossed with collecting information about the ‘decapitation operation’ through his intelligence agencies,” lawmaker Lee Cheol-woo of the Liberty Party of Korea said following Thursday’s briefing.

A decapitation strike is military speak for an operation that involves the targeted assassination of a leader of some sort. In this case, it would be the Supreme Leader of the country itself. In the past, the US has admitted to planning such an operation. This was most famously revealed in a speech by US President Donald Trump just over a month ago.

The South also claims that he has changed his travel routes and has ceased riding in his own Mercedes-Benz.

This claim of paranoia about assassination comes as Dennis Rodman made another trip to the DPRK to meet with him. The media attention behind the visit was much more subdued than his past visit. This suggests that the visit was much more of a personal visit than some kind of celebrity guesthood.

As per usual, this claim of cowering in fear comes without any evidence to back it up. The South Korean intelligence agencies are again making assumptions. Just because there has been a reduction in public appearances doesn’t mean that the accusation is correct. There could be all manner of reasons, including a busier schedule given the recent missile and nuclear developments by the country.

This accusation comes Lee Cheol-woo, a member of the Liberty Party of Korea, who says he was briefed by the National Intelligence Service. The government body is known to have made ridiculous claims in the past, including tales of unicorns, perfect golf games, and all other manner of nonsense.

It seems unlikely that Kim Jong Un would be “paranoid” about any such action by the US. Concerned yes, paranoid, no. Given the source of the accusation, it seems more likely to be a falsehood perpetrated by the NIS with the purpose of giving a false view of the country.