Kurdish Forces Ally Closer with US Imperialist Policy

The Kurdish Democratic Union Party has further cemented their allegiance to US imperialism by denying rumors that they support the Syrian government. They’ve also added the accusation that Iran is actively trying to undermine the Kurds in Syria. This statement comes after Saudi Arabia has begun showing support for the Kurds.

Salih Muslim, co-president of PYD in Syria, made the statement to the Saudi media.

“We have no relations with Iran, and Iran’s policy is no different from that of the Syrian regime on the Kurdish issue, which is hostile to the Kurds’ fundamental rights,” he told the Saudi Riyadh news site.

The Kurds have always claimed neutrality in the dispute between the “rebels” and the Syrian government. They say neither side has their interests in mind. De facto, however, the Kurds have been in alliance with the rebels since becoming the proxy soldiers of US imperialism.

US Special Forces are currently funding, arming, and training Kurdish fighters with the express purpose of undermining the Syrian government. Currently, a US airbase is held within Kurdish territory. The Kurds cannot claim otherwise, the opposition to the Syrian government is funded and perpetuated by the United States to destroy the Syrian government. The Kurds are trained and funded to do the same. To claim that they are not on the side of the rebels, with the express goal of destroying the Syrian government is nothing less than a lie.

PYD’s new statement against Iran again places them completely in line with US imperialism in the region.

The goal of Kurdish forces in Syria is to carve up the country into different autonomous regions so as to undermine the unity and strength of the Syrian Republic. The Kurds are tools of US, Israeli, and Saudi foreign policy and imperialism. Their goals and actions completely align with each other.

Kurdish actions have gone without criticism by anarchists who claim to be supporting “the only real side in the conflict.” Instead, Anarchists have been supporting US imperialism, by bombarding social media with pictures of Kurdish women, especially women considered conventionally attractive by White Western standards. This aptly demonstrates the lack of critical analysis by anarchists, and their adherence to imperialism, sexism, and racism.

The Kurds must be denounced as US puppets, and their imperialism must end.

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