CIA Director Pompeo’s Threat to Democracy

Instances of information being leaked from the US government to the media has been on a meteoric rise in the last two years or so. Often we hear about some memo, email, or conversation that has been leaked giving the American public a glimpse into how their government functions from behind closed doors. While it has been an entertaining spectacle, particularly with the election of  Donald Trump,  it has been a source of great concern for the government.

The inability to keep certain information demonstrates a willingness by individuals to break from their oaths of loyalty. Every person who is in a sensitive enough position is taught the importance of security and confidentiality. This is even a larger aspect of the intelligence community, who relies on such “cloak and dagger” work to make their very institutions function. The spate of high-profile leaks in the past few years has been embarrassing. Eventually, the powers-that-be will have to do something about.

One of them recently did. Current CIA director Mike Pompeo took to MSNBC to do an interview. In it, he lamented to extra effort that the intelligence community has had to do in the wake of all these leaks. No doubt this is true.

“I think there is a phenomenon, the worship of Edward Snowden, and those who steal American secrets for the purpose of self-aggrandizement or money or for whatever their motivation may be, does seem to be on the increase,” Mike Pompeo said in the interview with MSNBC news.

“It’s tough. You now have not only nation states trying to steal our stuff, but non-state, hostile intelligence services, well-funded – folks like WikiLeaks, out there trying to steal American secrets for the sole purpose of undermining the United States and democracy,” Pompeo said, noting that President Donald Trump is committed to stopping the leaks.

The invocation of Edward Snowden is certainly significant. As you’ll recall he’s one of the leaker archetypes who became famous after he revealed how the National Security Agency was spying on and collecting data on millions of American citizens and. In addition, he revealed some aspects of the US global spying activities. Since leaking the information he’s been living in political asylum in Russia since June 2013 since he failed to escape to Latin America via Hong Kong.

Snowden himself said that he feels no “worship.” In a tweet, he said, “No. But it’s no surprise @CIA is baffled to find the public respects those who reveal official crimes more than those who commit them.” His point is perfectly valid.

It’s interesting to see Pompeo’s mind at work. He’s insulting those who would dare leak the crimes of the US government to the public. He’s acting like this is all one big show to get famous, not a legitimate attempt to release important information. We aren’t seeing sensitive stuff being put out that makes America vulnerable to its enemies, we’re seeing the very real crimes being exposed. Pompeo’s statement completely whitewashes that and tries to change the narrative from whistleblowers to ego maniacs just looking for their fifteen minutes of fame. The dishonesty should speak volumes alone.

Pompeo has made it clear what he really means by all of this. He called these whistleblowers a threat to democracy. The truth, it seems, is antithetical to the “for the people by the people” rhetoric that we’re told is the basis for the US. The public is made aware of the crimes that its government commits threatens the stability of their democracy. An informed public is a danger to the democracy they want. It is a threat to the established capitalist order.

The Bourgois government wants to be able to do whatever is necessary to maintain the American empire without any objection from the public. US imperialism must be free from the criticism of its population in order to maintain a dominant capitalist. The truth about the invasions of other countries for their resources and markets must remain hidden, or else an outraged public may do something about it.

Social peace is kept at home with token benefits to the American public while invading their privacy on a massive scale in order to weed out any potential troublemakers. People are kept in line by fear of police killings or accusations of supporting terrorism.

The capitalist domination of the US sees an informed and involved public as a threat to democracy. A new democracy is needed, a new system that reflects the will of the people. Such a system can only come into being by a proletarian revolution to build a socialism.