US Militarization of Space Takes a Step Forward

On 20 July 1969, the Apolo 11 landed on the moon ushering in the first time a human being had stepped on soil beyond the Earth. It was hailed as a triumph of the human spirit and the ingenuity of the human mind to develop such technology. The world stood in awe as mankind took one “giant leap for mankind.” During that landing a plaque was left behind with a wonderful message to anyone who would encounter it in the future: “Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon July 1969, A.D. We came in peace for all mankind.”

The message was nothing short of farcical in light of what the world was going though at the time. When this message of peace was delivered, the United States was dropping 7 million tonnes of bombs on Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia – more than twice the amount of bombs dropped on Europe and Asia in World War II. As the US was killing millions in the Vietnam War, they celebrated themselves for promising not to harm a lifeless rock in space. This was most famously noted by astronomer Carl Sagan.

The US has always given the message of peace while simultaneously doing the exact opposite. The foundation of the US was the desire to “live in peace” free from the tyranny of the Church of England. Immediately afterwards they began a campaign of fear, suspicion, and genocide against the indigenous population that already lived on the land they had come to. This pattern has repeated itself all throughout US history with no exception. They have always claimed to come in peace while they’ve killed untold millions.

Throughout history, the US has told the world that they want peace and freedom. Their endless wars were justified on the grounds of wanting peace. The Mexican-American War, the Bay of Pigs invasion, Korea, Vietnam, both World Wars, and the list goes on. All of these acts of terrible inhumanity were said to be in the interest of creating peace and democracy. Each time this claim was made, it was done so as a gigantic lie in the name of empire building. There has never been a conflict where the US wasn’t looking to expand its imperialist influence across the globe.

It seems that the message of peace for the moon has already been thrown into the dustbin of history. The so-called noble intentions of the US – the exploration of space to forward science and discovery, has been forgotten. It was just recently reported that the US Air Force has decided to radically overhaul their organisation. In doing so, they’re creating a “sixth branch” of the armed forces dedicated to being a “Space Corps.” Essentially what we’re looking at is the beginning of space marines. They will be soldiers specially trained to carry out military manoeuvres beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.
American exceptionalism has decided that outer space belongs to them. They have a perceived right to militarily occupy the vast reaches of the universe – just as they feel they’ve the right to militarily occupy every country on Earth.

Even the rule of law means nothing to them. In 1967 there was an international agreement called the Outer Space Treaty, which prohibited the use of celestial bodies from being used as military outposts. The spirit of the treaty was to prohibit the militarization of space. Such an effort is useless if those who sign the treaty can just continue the same goal by going around the rules agreed upon.

The appetite of US imperialism knows no bounds. The danger posed to the world by the ever expanding empire continues to grow. The world has an opportunity, right now. The American people have an opportunity, right now – to stop this before it goes into effect. If the American people really do care about what their elected representatives do in their name, they will stand up and oppose this.

The world has been shown repeatedly throughout history that they cannot trust the US.