Death to The First Worldist’s Burden

It is a firmly held position by Third Worldists that first worldists are not the allies of the global proletariat. First world people, despite their income demographic, will ally themselves with the ruling ideology by supporting the mass slaughter of the third world. It is in their interest to do so. Their globally privileged position is based upon this imperialist oppression. As a result, they will side with imperialism over the right to self-determination.

Imperialism has its reasons for committing the crimes it does. Capitalism must constantly expand or will see a slow painful death. New markets must be found for cheap commodities US companies sell. Cheaper and cheaper natural resources must be discovered and placed in the hands of the US, to be consumed by the glutinous monster of capitalism. As rates of profit eventually begin to fall, new ways for increasing it must be found. New cheap pools of labour and resources must be exploited.

Power over the global economy must be firmly entrenched in the hands of the American bourgeoisie. If they can not maintain the advantage, they will lose out on wealth that will end up in the hands of other capitalists. Not only that, but it is the power of global industry as well. Everything requires energy in some form or another. This is not just an economic issue of prices, but an ability to have a country run in general. This is why imperialism most often takes the form of “oil politics”.

In our current global political and economic climate we face this beast once again. The bourgeois of American imperialism is justifying the imperialist subversion of the Venezuelan political scene. Each day we are bombarded with images of violence wrought upon the country by the US backed protestors. The opposition fuels drugs into rioters to deliberately causing fatalities in confrontations with police. This is nothing less than terrorism at the hands of US puppets.

Why? It’s not just that Venezuela climbed out from under their power by the election of Hugo Chavez. No doubt this rattled the imperialists because he dared challenge their perceived right to be an independent part of their “backyard”. But there is something a little more important here than the usual arrogance. Venezuela has the world’s largest untapped oil reserves in the world. As it stands according to recent estimates, totalling 297 billion barrels. This surpasses the previous record holder of Saudia Arabia at 265 billion barrels.

We’re seeing again the same thing that happened with Iraq, Libya, and Syria. This follows almost exactly the same pattern of events. First, there are sudden claims of human rights abuses that usually never took place. Second, there are allegations of dictatorship thrown at the country. In some cases, the dictatorship is real, as was the case in Iraq with Saddam Hussein. These two accusations are usually enough to justify to the American people, even if they are so-called Marxists, to cheer on the imperialist war machine.

Whether or not they are truth or lies makes no difference to them. Why? Because they believe that they have a right to dictate to others how they should live and what kind of society they should have. This goes right back to the “White Man’s Burden” mentality. It continues to this day in a new form. Americans, Canadians, the UK, all first world peoples are guilty of it. These so-called Marxists in the first world are cheering on the destruction of Venezuela via petty notions of Trotskyist garbage, or social democratic whining fear of revolutionary violence, are guilty. The same goes for those mindlessly praising the YPG tools of US imperialism which are carving Syria up like steak for global capital.