The Hypocrisy of George Takei and Liberals

George Takei has been a liberal media darling for some time. His quick wit and believable moral outrage have made him a useful propaganda piece. His pop-culture status and open homosexuality have made him nearly untouchable for criticism. Many liberals have looked to him as a symbol of defiance against oppressive conservative Christan values. But Takei has always had a holier than thou attitude. I’ve always been suspicious of such people. Since many of them turn out to be massive hypocrites. Often staunchly Christian conservatives have been shown to be the degenerates they themselves rail against.

He’s always been a “champion of women” and opponent of “toxic masculinity”. Thus it comes as no surprise to me that Takei has been accused of sexual assault. Former actor and male model Scott R. Brunton accused the former StarTrek TOS actor of sexually assaulting him after he passed out at the man’s home.

Once accused of the crime, he immediately denied the accusation saying that it “simply did not occur.”

He said:

“Right now it is a he said/he said situation, over alleged events nearly 40 years ago,” Takei wrote. “But those that know me understand that non-consensual acts are so antithetical to my values and my practices, the very idea that someone would accuse me of this is quite personally painful.”

It is very interesting to note that Takei has been a supporter of the idea that “the victim must always be believed.” In other words, guilty until proven innocent. It seems that this motto has mysteriously disappeared from his vocabulary since he has been accused. In fact, he has emphatically stated the opposite by calling it a “he said/he said situation”.

Interestingly his fans have taken the same stance. They too have simply denied the incident took place, preferring to blindly believe their holier than thou icon’s claim of innocence. Many celebrities, particularly in Hollywood, have had accusations come out against them recently. Takei has been adamant that these men were guilty. Yet he, nor his fans, are willing to hold him to that same standard. As an LGBT activist, he has been given a free pass from wrongdoing.

The fact is the moralism of liberal America has simply disappeared once it has been one of their own that has been accused.

Takei has recently attempted to defect the criticism of him by passing it off as “Russian bots”, a favourite distraction tactic of Democrats. As people have been highly critical of him, he posted a picture purporting to claim that the criticisms were coming from a Russian plot to discredit him. He tweeted a graphic meant to defend himself from the accusation which has since then been taken down over the absurdity of the claim.


Takei Russia

As you can see, Takei is alleging a personal attack from Putin himself over his criticism of LGBT rights in Russia. Essentially, Takei thinks that “Russian intelligence” has nothing more important to do than sabotage him for a perceived slight. Such is the arrogance of the man that he thinks Putin would attack him personally. This reeks of the same false narrative presented by the democratic party that Russia allegedly hacked the DNC stealing the election from Hillary Clinton.

In reality, Takei is just railing against Russian Twitter users that have denounced him for his hypocrisy. Twitter already believes that all Russian users or anyone who has tweed form a Russian location or used a Russian phone are automatically Russian agents. So I cast serious doubt on this bot claim given the already known fraudulent nature of the bot accusation. Takei is simply deflecting criticism and guilt the same way Hillary Clinton did upon losing the 2016 Presidental election.

It is interesting to note that Takei has criticized Kevin Spacey for deflecting criticism over his sexual assault allegation by coming out as homosexual. It seems Takei is now doing the same thing. He’s taking the same stance making him a hypocrite.

The truth is that there is a lot of sexual abuse in Hollywood. Many powerful people are guilty of abusing that power to gain sexual favours or to keep the acts quiet. Liberal men are by no means immune from such behaviour. Yet their attitude is that they can do no wrong and that they are the champions of women’s rights. Takei is being defended because of his LGBT activist celebrity status. In their eyes, this means that he couldn’t have done anything wrong.

Liberals are having a hard time accepting that one of their sexual abusers is as bad as a conservative one. They’re having a hard time because they’re hypocrites.