Israel Claims Iran is Plotting an Invasion

Imperialism has ramped itself up against Iran the last few weeks. Israel and Saudi Arabia have been sending more hostile words to Iran. Recently both countries have been making accusations of the Islamic state wishing to strike Israel. The US, of course, has been all too happy to back up such claims without a single shred of evidence.

Just recently Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the claim that Iran was seeking to fully entrench itself in Syria. The purpose of this? To position itself in order to attack Israel. They are accusing Iran of trying to move their military forces closer to the Israeli border. This claim was made as he addressed the Jewish Federation of North America’s General Assembly in Los Angeles.

The move is clearly intended to encourage the US public to agree to new sanctions against Iran, possibly seeking an invasion of the country. He complains about the nuclear deal calling it a “historic mistake”. His claim is that any development of military technology by Iran means an invasion of Israel is imminent. A claim which has been pushed for decades.

Netanyahu demanded the international community to place pressure on Iran to prevent them from developing peaceful nuclear technology and ballistic missile technology.

“If we stand together we will achieve it,” he said. “But if we have to – we’ll stand alone. Iran will not get nuclear weapons. It will not turn Syria into a military base against Israel,” Netanyahu warned.

Israel, like the US, continually asserts that Iran has violated the nuclear agreement that was signed by former US president Barack Obama. Despite this, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has repeatedly confirmed Iran’s full compliance. The latest report comes only this week. They said that Iran did not surpass the 300 kilograms limit for stockpiling enriched uranium. They also certified that Iran has allowed free access to their nuclear facilities for inspection. This is the ninth time the UN nuclear watchdog has certified that Iran has been living up to the agreement.

The reason for these hostilities is the ongoing cooperation between Iran, Syria, and Russia in the battle against the formerly US-funded ISIS. The goal of US operations was to fund opposition and terrorist groups to overthrow the legitimate leader of Syria, Bashar Al-Assad, in order to install a puppet leader to carry out US interests. The plan has failed and is in a serious state of collapse after the combined effort of the three countries.

Israel has been a behind-the-scenes supporter of ISIS as well. With the US plan to implement imperialist control in Syria in tatters, they’ve turned their efforts towards demonizing Iran. It is the hope of the imperialist block of the US and its subservient Israel and Saudi Arabia to make Iran the next target for the War on “Terror”.

Syria has alreayd managed to escape their clutches, and Russia is too powerful for military invasion. Expect to see more hostility aimed at Iran in the near future.