Trump Government Corruption Strikes Puerto Rican Food

The Trump administration has been caught once again engaging in corruption. Despite the terrible horror that has been unleashed upon the people of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, it seems not even they are immune from the conduct of the Trump government. It has been revealed that a Trump administration contractor was given a $156 million to provide 30 million meals to Puerto Rico. The scam? It only delivered 50,000 meals.

The contract was given to Tribute Contracting LLC, owned solely by Tiffany Brown. As in she is literally the only employee of the company. Not only is it a shock that this company would get a lucrative contract, but, the same company had failed to live up to its government contracts five times previously.

People are asking why this person was able to get such a contract when they had already been banned from receiving contracts over $35,000 because of their terrible record. This can be seen as nothing less than a blatant act of corruption.

This act comes on the heels of another scandal involving aid for Puerto Rico. $300 million was given to a Trump linked company Whitefish Energy. The company was made up of two whole people and was from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s hometown in Montana. Public pressure eventually managed to get this deal cancelled.

But this has all been a part of a greater corruption that has taken place following the disaster. When Puerto Rico was unable to defend itself, they were forced to privatize its school system and turn public schools into charter schools. This is the same thing that was done after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

The corruption of capitalism knows no bounds. The capitalist class sees the devastation of the poor as nothing less than an investment opportunity. While many would tout the supposed moral superiority of capitalism, they ignore quite blatantly, this corruption and the fact that many of these disasters were caused by unbridled greed. This happens has it is known that private schools fail to provide for the lower classes of society. This fact, the fact that it literally fails to work, is not a hindrance to the real goal – profit.

This rotten system has to go. Trump has to go as well.