Alex Jones Connection to and Blindness for Hate

Alex Jones is certainly thought of as someone who is mentally unstable. His (often misguided) emotion-filled rants border on the psychotic. But what’s more important than this is his intellectual dishonesty. Jones can identify real problems that America faces, but he fails to understand why they happen. He can almost see political maneuverings but fails to understand why they happen. As a result, he resorts to conspiracy theory nonsense.

Case in point: On June 19th, 2017, a man drove a 3.5-ton van into a crowd in Finsbury Park, London. His target was Muslims coming out of a mosque after evening prayers. One man was killed and 10 others were injured. The driver of the van was reported to have shouted that he wanted to “kill all Muslims”.

Jones reported this as an Islamic attack when the attacker was clearly not Muslim. The attacker was Darren Osborne, a far-right anti-immigrant reactionary. His trial shows that he had become radicalized by the commentary of Tommy Robinson, a former leader of the violent anti-Muslim hate group English Defence League, Rebel Media employee, and frequent guest of Alex Jones. From there he began amassing copious amounts of anti-Mulsim media which eventually led him to take his terrorist act. Eventually, Osborne would admit that he was attempting to kill Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, and Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party.

Tommy Robinson has made frequent appearances on the Alex Jones Show. In fact, he was on as recently as February 7th. During that same program, Jones accused Muslims of being inbred.

During the intro of a video with the title “If The UK Continues To Fail Its Citizens English Men Will Take The Law Into Their Own Hands,” Robinson encouraged people to act extrajudicially against what he saw as the threat of Muslims, saying, “The situation in France — I think England will be different. I can see a point when English men are going to react, and react en masse. I’d say by the phone calls I’ve been receiving all week that they’re pushing the point closer all ready. I don’t see any — we have no — there is no reasonable solution to this. … So to get through this and to bring the change we need there’s going to be chaos either way.” That video was posted on June 6, 2017 — 13 days before the Finsbury Park attack. [1]

Alex Jones and his conspirators Paul Joseph Watson and Tommy Robinson are guilty of promoting hate speech towards Muslims resulting in an act of murder. They are guilty of inciting this man towards wanting to commit genocide.

In the view of Alex Jones and his ilk, White Christian conservatism can do no wrong. Thus anything bad that happens must be the fault of someone or something else. Why? because they are incapable of critically analyzing structures. They are incapable of seeing how structures can produce such people as Darren Osborne. So, in their view, it must be some kind of evil outside influence that causes problems. It must be some kind of conspiracy. They are incapable of critical thought which would expose flaws and problems within their ideology and themselves. This is what makes them truly dangerous, their own ignorance and hate.