New Report Shows No Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela

Despite the narrative fed to us by the imperialist media, there is no humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. Daily we are fed stories of how thousands must be dying from the effects of socialism. If we were to believe them, we’d assume that Nicholas Maduro had some kind fo poverty producing machine that was designed to oppress the masses of Venezuelan people. Of course, the reality is quite far from the picture we are painted by the media.

An investigator from the United Nations, Alfred De Zayas, an independent expert on International Democratic and Equitable Order at the United Nations (UN), visited Venezuela in late November to assess its social and economic progress. He concluded from his investigation that there is no crisis taking place in the country.

“I agree with the FAO [UN Food and Agriculture Organization] and CEPAL [Economic Commission for Latin America & the Caribbean] that the so-called humanitarian crisis does not exist in Venezuela, although there are shortages, scarcity, and distribution delays, etc.” he said.

“What is important is to get to know the causes and take measures against contraband, monopolies, hoarding, corruption, manipulation of the currency and the distortions in the economy caused by an economic and financial war which includes [the effects of international] sanctions and pressure,” he added.

He blasted the mainstream media reporting on the country as “theatrical” and “does not help to resolve the problems” that do plague the country.

As it stands the real problems facing the country are largely caused by the United States sanctions against the country. With control over the world’s reserve currency, the US can block international financial transactions carried out by Venezuela. This is exactly what they are doing, sabotaging their financial system. Canada recently joined the ranks of countries determined to cause an economic collapse of Venezuela.

This has been the goal of the imperialist block since the Bolivarian revolution took control of a portion of the country’s oil production. Venezuela has set another dangerous example for other Latin America countries to follow. Those who wish to remove the jackboot of imperialism from their necks. Self-determination is a basic freedom that all countries are entitled to.

The report by De Zayas shows us loud and clear that we are being lied to by the mainstream media regarding the situation in the country. Too many are blindly following what they are being told because it feeds into their existing prejudices. Others are merely ignorant of the situation and mindlessly parrot what they are told. It is high time the masses of the imperialist countries stop falling for the lies perpetuated by their governments and their media.

The truth is a revoltuionary act in a society of lies.