Why Israel is Really Afraid of an Independent Syria

Sometimes media can be more honest than they usually are. We commonly hear about humanitarian efforts being the focus of US imperialist aggression. We know, of course, that this is only a cover for imperialism. “Weapons of Mass Destruction” is another good lie that is used to justify the invasion of a sovereign country. On occasion, the bourgeoisie’s media can get too honest, particularly when they are desperate.

The Jerusalem Post recently put out an article that did just that. “THE FALL OF GHOUTA THREATENS ISRAEL, U.S. INTERESTS AND THE WEST” by Muhammed Ruzgar details just how Israel sees the conflict in Syria. They see Iran’s involvement as a direct threat to their interests in the region. Their interests? A total landscape of US puppets to be used for their resources and markets.

“Iran mainly contributed to seizing the most parts of Damascus countryside, and Quneitra and Daraa’s northern countryside. Now huge number of Iranian troops and militias are near the Israeli border causing a direct and big threat to Israel.  Iran also attacked the opposition groups in the Syrian desert and therefore managed to open a road the extends from Tehran to Beirut. Both Iran and Russia want to seize Eastern Ghouta and each one has its own reason.”

This idea that Iran is a threat to Israel is only a reflection of Israel’s true intentions. What they mean is, if they want to cross the border entering into the conflict, they’ll have to pass through Iranian troops first. Israel doesn’t want to fight its way into the conflict. They would much rather be able to enter at leisure and carry out the will of the US.

That need to enter grows with each military defeat of US/Israel/Saudi backed terrorist forces.

“For Russia, if Ghouta falls, it would mean that the whole of Damascus would be under the regime’s control and that will guarantee for Russia a long-term existence in Syria as well as the safety for its bases in the middle of the country and along the coast. Russia does not intend to keep military forces near Damascus but it needs to save the capital and keep it safe for its influence in the area, which extends from Hama to Homs and then westward to Latakia and Tartus, where it has a naval base. Moscow managed to protect the northern areas of this line of control via the Astana talks and the de-escalation agreements it signed with Turkey and Iran. It also stipulated the deployment of Turkish observation points in Idlib. The second reason behind the Russian support for the operation against Ghouta is that if the whole of Damascus falls under the regime’s control, that will give the regime and Russia a strong leverage in political negotiations.”

What Israel is saying is that the government of Syria will maintain control over their own country. Russia as an ally will cooperate with them. They’ve quite honest here when they say that, “if Ghouta falls, it would mean that the whole of Damascus would be under the regime’s control…”. They want a US/Israeli control over the country to plunder it. That’s what this has always been about. It has never been about any humanitarian concern. Why should we believe Israel, a country which is carrying out a genocide of Palestinians cares about Arab people?

Why is this important? Because they, the US/Israel/Saudis, tell us that this is about stopping the “tyranny” of the Syrian government. These countries tout Israel as the only democracy in the region, when that is an outright lie. They speak of so-called barbarity as their justification for interference. Can we believe that such people have a conscience when they fund ISIS and other Islamic extremist groups? No rational person would.

The Jerusalem Post and Muhammed Ruzgar have been wholly honest about Israel’s intentions in Syria. They care nothing for the people or their right to determine their own government or destiny. They care nothing for the right of the Syrian people to live in peace and trade with whom they please. They push this inhumanity against the people for their own benefit. It is Israel/US/Saudis that are the criminals here, they are murdering the Syrian people who are only trying to defend themselves.