Facebook Refuses to Remove Death Threat Against Jeremy Corbyn

Facebook receives no end of criticism for allowing certain posts to exist while taking others down. History has shown us that they’re well deserving of such criticism. While they may remove countless posts containing pornography, they allow unending amounts of hate speech by Israelis towards the people they murder and oppress, Palestinians. It is interesting what Facebook thinks is appropriate and inappropriate.

But there’s a new criticism being sent their way, which is also well deserved. Facebook has been reported as refusing to remove a post that threatens the life of Jeremy Corbyn. The page ‘Conservative memes for Tory Teens’ recently made a threat against Corbyn by posting: “I think we should order hits on Russia’s spies,” before going on to say “let’s start with Jeremy Corbyn.”

Facebook decided that the post doesn’t go against their terms of service and have refused to move the post. Regardless of the negligence by Facebook, the police have been contacted about the post. When criticized for the post the page owner said:

“It was just a joke, chill.”

He then added: “Why do you hate freedom of speech?” – to which the original commentator said: “Free speech is great as long as it is not advocating violence. When it does advocate violence it breaks the law. Anyway must be nearly your bedtime. Nite nite.”

Since then the page has been taken down by the owner. He said that his decision to do was motivated by the fact that he had received death threats by others. It seems he can dish it out, but he can’t take it. There’s a word for people like that: bully.

The story of how sad this meme page owner is doesn’t end there. According to him, he created the page to help himself by attacking others.

“Hay yeah I would like to say that this fb page as it lasted really helped with my depression, I have been struggling with it for a while and this page really helped me, I was a big fan of politics and enjoyed taking part, unfortunately due to threats to myself, my family and Torys [sic] in general I am taking down my meme page, idk what I’ll do now, maybe I’ll find happiness maybe I won’t and do something stupid, but that doesn’t matter does it? As long as you got a kick out of it that all that matters, especially from a page run by 1 person posting crappy memes with no where near 1000 followers but I’m glad u think it’s a big deal.”

Isn’t it interesting that this person helps their depression by attacking and threatening others? I’d imagine that this is quite common for a lot of conservatives.

Source: https://www.rt.com/uk/422692-facebook-jeremy-corbyn-death-threat/