Current DPRK Concessions Allow both Sides to Save Face

The Western media is proudly announcing that the DPRK has declared its commitment to the “complete denuclearization” of the Korean peninsula – without preconditions. This statement, of course, comes from South Korea’s President Moon Jae-In. It would seem that the efforts of “The Deal Maker”, US President Donald Trump were successful. Much of the media is broadcasting this as though the DPRK has capitulated to the US under the pressure of increasing sanctions and military pressure. Maybe they’ve brought the DPRK in line?


The DPRK is quite far from such a defeat as is being subtly portrayed in the media. What the DPRK has said is that they’re willing to cancel future nuclear tests. On top of that, they’re willing to demolish a test site to show that they’re serious. There is nothing in their actions that suggest they’re willing to give up their nuclear weapons. Those will most certainly remain in their hands. There is nothing even close to suggesting that they will simply disarm themselves of the greatest deterrent against an invasion they’ve ever had. This is pure fiction on the part of the imperialist media.

For decades the DPRK has been willing to wage outright war to defend their right to self-determination. What in all those decades would make us think that they’re suddenly willing to give that up now? Pushing this idea in the media is utter nonsense. Perhaps this is deliberate? An attempt to make them look weak in the eyes of the international community? A demoralizing effort? There’s not enough information to make such an accusation.

The Korean Central News Agency says that Kim Jong Un agreed to the condition of ceasing further nuclear tests because they have already achieved their goal of developing nuclear weapons. While this is technically true, we know full well that there is a great deal more to go in development to place them on the level of the US. Not to mention there hasn’t been conclusive, undeniable proof that the DPRK is capable of striking the United States mainland. It would seem likely to me that this statement by Kim Jong Un is a politically acceptable answer for the DPRK public as to why they’ve stopped testing. Keep in mind that this announcement was made during a plenary session of the Central Committee of the ruling Worker’s Party – a political event.

What should also be noted in this decision by Kim Jong Un is that he said that this move will create an “international environment favorable” for its economy. Which suggests to me that there will be an easing of sanctions if they cease further tests. So the DPRK has made a concession in order to ease some of the economic burdens on the county. This is a concession that they can afford to make. Thier nuclear deterrent remains in place and capable of at least striking the South and Japan.

The political outcome thus far is one that both sides can claim to save face. The DPRK can get some relief from pressure by giving up further testing, but they keep the weapons themselves. The US and the South Korean can claim a victory by announcing that they managed to force the DPRK to halt further nuclear development.