Liberal Outrage, Liberal Nonsense

Liberal commentator and frequent show host, Piers Morgan, has taken to Twitter to attack soccer (I refuse to say football) player Raheem Sterling’s M16 tattoo. This was enough of an issue that he decided to publicly attack the man. He found it unacceptable that such a tattoo of a gun should exist “at a time when these very same rifles are being relentlessly used to massacre children in schools?”

In true liberal fashion, he’s made a few mistakes. Firstly, the AR15 is what has been used in shootings, not the M16. Like many liberals, they cannot tell the difference between a weapon made for civilian use that is semi-automatic and a fully automatic military weapon. True, they have the same manufacturer in Colt, but they’re two different types of gun.

Secondly, he’s selected the wrong issue to be outraged over. While he may certainly disapprove of the man’s choice of tattoo, there’s certainly much bigger issues surrounding gun violence – particularly in relation to the UK where both men live.

The UK has currently increased its weapons sales to Israel by 250% over the previous year. This has been revealed by the report Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT).

According to an article by Telesur:

“Last year U.K. firms sold over £230 million in arms to Israel, up 256 percent from the over £90 million sold in 2016, according to the report. That year’s sales were also a significant increase on 2015’s total of over £20 million. The sale of arms included sniper rifles, assault rifles, missiles and small arms ammunition.”

These weapons have been used to torture and murder peaceful Palestinian supporters, including an 8-month-old baby. Where is Morgan’s outrage over this matter? I would think that the ongoing genocide of Palestinians might big a bigger issue than gun violence in the US, especially when we consider the UK complicity in the matter. Morgan sees awfully quiet on the matter.

But by all means, liberals let’s focus on a tattoo instead. Why not just go the all the way and place regulations on what kind of tattoos you can get. Just leave the real guns in the hands of the murders in Israel.