Israel Considers Allowing 40k more Citizens to buy Arms

Sometimes Israelis can say things that absolutely blow your mind. This recent development in Israel is a perfect example of just that. The Kissnet is considering relaxing gun laws for its citizens in order to combat “terrorism.” Essentially, they want to arm the Israeli population to kill Palestinians. In their, view any Palestinian who carries out an act of violence against an Israeli is a terrorist. Yet, the overwhelming violence against Palestinians is considered… what? A just act?

The Israeli military can bulldoze people’s homes, settlers can burn fields of olive trees, they can bomb Palestinian hospitals, carry out random killings – and that’s all okay. But if some Palestinian loses his mind over his family being murdered and stabs someone in Israel – that’s terrorism. Just consider the atrocious double standard. Somehow the world is supposed to believe that Israelis are the victims of that conflict.

Laying bear this reality is a simple phrase used by Amir Ohana, who leads the gun lobby caucus: “Sending the citizens of Israel to protect themselves with pizza trays, selfie sticks, guitars and umbrellas is a crime of the state against its citizens.” As if the Israeli military didn’t exist.

The decision by the Israeli government to arm citizens in this way is nothing less than state-sanctioned murder and terrorism. The Israeli government and its citizens are nothing less than genocidal war criminals that should be collectively punished for their crimes against humanity.

Oh, one more thing, where’s the outrage from the anti-gun liberals?