The Assassination Attempt on Maduro Tells us Something

Just two days ago there was an attempt on the life of Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro. According to reports, a pair of drones each packed with 1 kilogram of explosives were used in what they said was an attempt to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro. Fortunately, the drones were intercepted and it was destroyed before it could reach him. The attempt took place as Maduro was giving a speech.

According to some reports, a group called the ‘Flannel Soldiers’ claimed responsibility for the blast, which was said to have been caused by drones filled with C-4 explosives. Six suspects have been arrested in connection with the assassination attempt. Interior Minister Nestor Luis Reverol on Sunday described it as a terrorist attack and said more arrests could follow within hours.

President Maduro blamed “ultra-right” groups in the country operating under US and Columbian direction for the attack. There can be little doubt in anyone’s mind that foreign forces, particularly the Americans, are responsible for this act of terrorism. It has been longstanding for the US to use such tactics against leftist countries, particularly socialist leaning ones. The history of US terrorist attacks against Cuba is long and bloody.

The timing of this attack makes perfect sense. Just recently the US-backed opposition failed to gain any significant power in the recent elections. The US controlled groups were horribly divided on whether or not to even participate in the election itself. In the end, they blamed the Popular Socialist Party for their own failings.

Other good news was also made recently. It was just announced that several zeros have been removed from the currency in the fight against inflation. Venezuela has announced a new deal with China to upgrade their oil infrastructure. Much of the debt that Venezuela owes to China will be repaid in oil as China weans itself off of US oil  – in response to US trade tariffs against the country. Upwards of 28% of Venezuelan oil production will put towards it.

The situation for Venezuela in the face of US and other imperialist county’s sabotage has been improving. The attempt to destroy Venezuela is failing. The US-backed opposition is failing to gain support. The imperialist cause against a leftist Venezuela is becoming increasingly desperate – this is why the recent assassination attempt was made.

The strength and tenacity of the Bolivarian Revolution are showing its ability to survive the onslaught of imperialist aggression. It’s high time that Maduro and the party kick things into the next gear and begin a full expropriation of the means of production from the capitalist class.